Saturday, April 21

3rd Elimination + Information!!!

Hey guys! I'm very sorry that I've forgotten to post the elimination. I'm a bad host. :-/
You know I've just noticed that Cycle 4 started in February and now it's April!!! The 12th week is already over and every cycle was meant to last about 15 weeks. I'm very very very upset about that. One the one hand it's my fault but on the other hand it's the fault of all those lazy people who don't care about what GREAT chance they got here. >:(

I'm very disappointed, but now I cannot change it. I guess this cycle is going to durate some weeks longer. I really hope there'll only be two more weeks. Oh well...
Now this means you will have fewer time for the challenges as I want to go faster towards the finale. Now let's start with the elimination ceremony.
First I want to say that ichhallo decided to leave the competition. Too bad because she really looked like a model after the makeover. But her tasks were too average anyway. We still wish her all the best for her future :)

19Sara99: Your second try of the task was MUCH better and I really really like the way you mixed the spring trends with the song. Really well done! Give your best next week ;)
darleen..: Your tinypic has been deleted. I've seen it but I cannot remember it exactly. What I can remember is that is was okay. It wasn't top, but okay. I really hope you will improve quickly because you are running out of time. Please please please improve at the next task. Yes, this means you are in the next round. Congratulations ;)
SchnuffiPups: I must admit that we all were very surprised. We didn't expect that you will do such an outstanding task. You're still too commercial to become a Topmodel, but you've improve a lot and that's very nice to see. I just hope I will see another side of you, like the sexy or the high fashion side. Welcome in the next round, congratulations.
lisididi1: Your tinypic has been deleted, too. But that's okay because I still remember it. I really liked how you worked with the colors, and the sexy outfit really fits the meaning of the song. I only wish you showed us more of the spring trends in your outfit. You know, I've always thought that you are very commercial, but since the huge makeover I'm sure that you also can be edgy and high fashion. Please show us another side of you, too! See you at the next challenge.
Anubis-Fan1999: Oh... my... god!!! We all were very surprised, no, we were shocked! Especially I didn't expect that. My dear, that was really a surprise. But not a good surprise. I'm sorry to tell you but you really disappointed me. I didn't recognize any spring trend in your outfit, and only your top got something to do with the song "Troublemaker". Sorry but a real Topmodel would never wear sneakers or chucks for an official event. Just imagine you are a Topmodel, it's Fashion Week (for example TTT Fashion Weekend) and there's a party with a best-dressed list. If you apply for best-dressed with such an outfit, the hosts will laugh at you. They'd probably put you on the worsed-dressed list. Just think about your reputation!
Right now I can't tell you if you are eliminated or not, you have to wait for the end of the elimination ceremony...
MaryChristmas11: Really well done, I guess you really did a great job your "girly sexy dangerous" outfit. But I believe you still can do more than that. Show us more in the next round, please! ;)
luzy11: Wow the outfit was so sexy and the skirt definitely fits the spring trends. Luzy you're improving. For the next challenge I'd love to see you elegant, sophisticated and editorial. Welcome in the next round!
Dreamiiiii: I'm soooo glad you haven't left the contest and made the task. It was the right decision because you did an amazing job! I mean the outfit was simple and a bit casual, but still trendy. I'm very proud of you because you've improved a lot, and since the makeover I'm convinced that you can be editorial and sexy. Welcome in the next round.
silly-millie: Wow your outfit was very good, the shoes were shouting out "I'm a troublemaker!" and the top with the floral prints was really beautiful and up-to-date. Millie you are also improving, hope I will see how changeable you are in the next round. Congratulations!
mathildamath: You were very late with your task, I don't know how many times I had to remind you. Well, the task was real nice, but I missed the influence of the song. It was very girly and trendy, and it really looked like you were inspired by this year's trends, but I've really missed the sexyness of the outfit. My thumb is actually going down. I really think you are one of the best here and I don't want you to be eliminated so early. Please work harder and give your best in the next round. Last chance, my dear!

Now before we come to the bottom two, I need to tell you that kaja97x33 is eliminated because she didn't complete the task. Yesterday she also confirmed that she'll be leaving the contest and said goodbye. Kaja, we wish you all the best for your future! :)

Bottom Two: Anubis-Fan1999 (Nazli) and muffins97(Tanja).
When it comes to the look, you are the same level. You both look very edgy and high fashion. I must say that Tanja always did amazing tasks and I know her from another competition and she's such an amazing talent. On the other hand, Nazli you are still very young and I believe there's a lot of potential. But you know, your task was probably the worst of all and the other contestants might be better than you, so... Ah, what am I saying. Sorry, but I love to make thrilling decisions. There's a twist, Tanja neither did the task nor answered me in her guestbok. I'm very sorry about that but this means that Tanja is eliminated. Nazli, congratulations you are in the next round!! :)
Tanja, I'm sure you'll become a successful model, we wish you all the best. :*

The next task will be posted tomorrow, stay tuned.
xoxo Rafael


She.♥La said...

Thank you :) I'll try to do my best ;)

Anna♥ said...

I will show you more ! :)and Thanks :)

Anubis-Fan1999/Nazli said...
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Anubis-Fan1999/Nazli said...

Thank you :) I'll try to do it better in the next round :)♥

She.♥La said...

When will the next task be postet ?! I can understand why the 12th week (or 13th) is already over..

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

Well I'm sorry that I've got a real life. -.-
I would post faster if I had more time, right now I've got quite a lot exams at school so please excuse me. :)