Monday, April 2

3rd Challenge!!

New week - new task!
It's about creating an outfit. As Spring is here, the outfit should be colorful, trendy and fresh. Oh and I'm sure everyone of you likes music, don't you? That's why your outfit will on the one hand be inspired by Spring and on the other hand it's going to be inspired by this song...

Taio Cruz - Troublemaker!

Just create an outfit to what you feel when you listen to this song. You must create the outfit in the starplaza (please not in the suite or somewhere else so that everybody gets same chances!), but you may edit it with a graphic programm. Upload it on tinypic/imgur and write the link in a comment.

Deadline: Monday, April 9!

Good luck & try your best. ;)
xoxo Rafael


Catherine Cérise said...
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Rafael|Rafi101 said...

@Catherine: Please write English ;)

19Sara99 said...
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Anonymous said...

mein's ist viel schlimmer,sara :P


She.♥La said...

//♥ SchnuffiPups

Lisa/ lisididi1 said...

so geil das lied.
Hier ist emins, ich hoffe es gefällt dir ;)

Anubis-Fan1999/Nazli said...
The Quality is bad.Thats because of Gimp..
But i hope you like it anyway :)


MaryChristmas11 said...

Hello ,

That´s my Outfit:

I hope you like it ^^

What I feel by the Song:

I felt the dangerous and the girlish and sexy in me..

So is my Outfit:

It´s girlish ,sexy and dangerous :D

With love Anna

MaryChristmas11 said...

Sorry for the bad quality....

Anonymous said...

here´s my outfit
hope u like it


She.♥La said...

Can't understand why so many people haven't done the task..

Dreamiiiii said...

Sooo... here's my task
Hope you like it ;)

Catherine Cérise said...

I' m totally sorry I forgot to do the task! Icompletely forgot it since I was ill. Could I do it now? :/

Anonymous said...

I'm Silly-Millie
My link is

So sorry it's late! I've been on holiday and only discovered today about the task!

Catherine Cérise said...

Here's my task:

I got influenced by pastel spring shades, blooming flowers and I tried to give the outfit a sexy touch with the hot pants and the studs. Hope you like it

19Sara99 said...