Tuesday, April 17

The Best Catwalk Hits - Volume 3!! (+ Results)

Hey guys, I just want to make a quick post.
I'm very excited to release the 3rd edition of our music playlist. RNTM presents you the new CD called "The Best Catwalk Hits - Vol. 3". You can listen to it now, simply scroll to the bottom of the page and click play!

About the results and the elimination ceremony...
So we've almost got the decision. We're still discussing though, so I'm going to post the results as well as the elimination tomorrow (Thursday). Hope you aren't too angry with me, please be patient. Enjoy listening to our music and rocking the Catwalk ;)

xoxo Rafael

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She.♥La said...

The songs are great, but i hate waiting for the elemination so long -.-'