Monday, November 28


Hey guys and dolls! How are you all?

Wow, I can't believe what happened the last few weeks. One month ago, on the 28th of October, __Mariah__ was announced as the winner of Rafael's Next Top Model. And now she got 200 stardollars (which she already spent on Hotbuys, Rares and so on) and a 10-month contract with SMM. Right now she's having a little break before she starts working as the face of the agency. A big photoshoot for the Agency awaits her aswell as the runway job for the first collection of Spice Couture (which comes out one week later than planned). And guess what? She got her first job beside the prizes... She'll be the Covergirl for the upcoming german Magazine "Stardoll Crown" which is named after the blog Stardoll Crown (which got more than 330 Followers!).

And Rafael's Next Top Model is also getting more popular. Guess who is our newest Media Partner?
I feel really honored that she asked me for a Partnership. It makes me real proud to be the new partner with Ghandeer, a talented and beautiful girl that runs a blog with more than 1560 Followers!!!
You can see it on the tab "Sponsors/Media Partners".

For now Rafael's Next Top Model is over. But there will be a big review in the next few days aswell as the "Best Of". The auditions and applications for the next season are in December. There will also be a huge Trailer for Cycle 4. So better stay tuned because RNTM is coming back soon...

Lots of Love, Rafi :)


MaryChristmas11 said...

i looking forward it ^^

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

Me too^^

__mariah__ said...

cool ;)

miley4live96 said...

Rafi you made thsi comp so big and so awesome ! :D You can be very proud! ;) Just remember that it all began with Cycle 1 in Topmodols.Club and look what you did ! You have an awesome Blog and an own Agency ! :D
One word that discribes you, your Blog and everything you do : AWESOME !

Rafi101 said...

Wow thank you so much Marie! You also helped me a lot and I feel so honored. Thank you :D

miley4live96 said...

You deserve it ;) You worked so hard on this. (: