Saturday, April 2

New Media Partner

Hello dear followers! We've got a new Media Partner: Melissa's Graphics.
Yes, again a graphic blog... Well, Melissa is the gorgeous owner of Special Blog for Stardoll (I am a writer there), and she makes one of the best banners I've ever seen.
You can find her logo now under our "Sponsors&Media Partners" Tab. You can find the link to her blog in her logo:

Our logo!

And we've got another new Media Partner, too. (No, this time it is not a graphic blog)
Our second new Media Partner is... The Stardoll Thoughts!

Our Logo!
Yes, TST is now one of our lovely Media Parters. It is a real honor for me because they've got over 80 Followers. :)

Ps: Don't forget to do the Challenge!!!
Stay tuned,

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