Monday, October 24

Who Will Be RNTM?!

This question is thrilling everybody so much out. Cindy and Maria are messaging all the time "I can't wait any longer". Well my dear models, you two and also all the viewers will have to wait until tomorrow. Yeah, I couldn't manage it to finish my work because the Real-Life catched me and didn't let me go to the laptop. Well I gotta lots of homework to do and I needed to go to church and stuff (yes I'm very religious).
Anyway, tomorrow will be the last part of the big finals-week!

Don't miss it because there will be the Top 13 Live-Walk and the big Finale Show, where a silhouette will slowly transform into Cindy or Maria. DON'T MISS IT!


4EverUrGirl said...

Thats so cool! i also go to Church alot! :)Hey even though im not in the running any more, Iam still so Excited to see the Winner of RNTM! <3

.Anti.Dot. said...

Like 4EverUrGirl said, I might not be either but I'm really excited to see who wins! And no matter who wins, both of the finalists are amazing! :D