Monday, October 10

8th Elimination

Hello models and followers, it's time for another elimination ceremony, but this isn't just any ceremony that we know, it's one of the most exciting ones in the whole cycle... we will decide who will come into the semi-finals!!! To my opinion, it was very very very hard to eliminate a single person because this week everybody really deserved it. Girls I am so proud of you and no matter who will come through or who will be eliminated, you all did a big transformation and you all showed us that you have that special something to become a successful model. You can give yourself a tap on your shoulder now. ;)

Nevertheless we need to go on, so here we go...
One place is already forgiven for BellaCullen4210, she's our first semi-finalist. Who will follow her?
_mariah_: Your look was sooo amazing, when I looked at it I got such a "Wow!" flash, it was really breath-taking. The outfit, the way you presented it, all was very creepy and it was so outstanding. I think you really deserved it to come into the next round. Congratulations, you are the second semi-finalist and the winner of the week!
4EverUrGirl: I was kind of disappointed when I saw your outfit. It wasn't really creepy, it was just good. But for now the word "good" isn't enough my dear!!! Oh sweety, this time you were average.. again. Nevertheless, it wasn't the worst and when I think of your big transformation on your way, I'm really proud of you. So the judges decided to give you a last chance. You did it, Alessandra! Welcome in the semi-finals. :D

Now we really had big trouble with the decision of the last 4 contestants because you all were as great as the others. This made it really hard because now there are only 2 places left!

Sweet-Lips112: It was so nice to see that you improved your work so much. This time it was creative and scary, what the task told you to do. At this point you can be very proud because you made it soo far out of 20 contestants from more than 30 applications. You know, at first you were quite good, but then you didn't move on, and we couldn't really see that there's talent. Now that we've seen you can be a model we discussed about your past work. Dearest Kaisa, we know that you want it so bad, but it would be unfair to those who really worked hard and always gave their best through the whole cycle. You knew that this moment would come, I am soo sorry to tell you that your way at this competition is now over.
Thank you so much for participating! You see, you've made it onto the 7th place and I think you can be happy with yourself. We wish you all the best for your future career. What can I say? It's really difficult to explain because your task was really bad, but on the other hand it was brilliant! Well, your "Malificent"-Style wasn't convincing, and the fact that the outfit isn't really outstanding made it even worse. But, your facial expression was like "omg"! You really looked like Joker (from Batman) and the eyes were really creepy. So in this way it had blown me away. So, we 3 judges discussed & we finally thought that you would be perfect for the semi-finals. You always gave your best, you were pretty amazing, sometimes it went wrong, but girl you rock that stage like nobody else! Congratulations!

Two contestants are left, but only ONE place remains free.
TottalyCool68: You aren't one of the strongest but you are becoming better and better at every challenge. And girl, your outfit reminded me of an evil doctor who creates mutants. Anyway, it was very scary, and the rock'n'roll style was pretty amazing. But you weren't always this good. Often you were average. At the beginning you were quite good (like the "going crazy for shoes" scenery for Task 2 with that "Mission completed"). But then you were really bad, then average, then outstanding, then avergae again. It was like up, down, up, down, up, down... the last 2 weeks it was getting upwards, but... can we be sure you won't collapse and fall down?
QeenGoldBabe: You were one of the best at the beginning, you were my favorite in the callbacks and I always loved your sceneries. But since the Top 13 announcement you didn't improve, sometimes you were real bad. The judges and me were worried, but now we see it's getting better again. The problem is, the others are already better than you, and we aren't sure if they got too far away from you and you might not reach the end as the winner. Anyway, your scenery was impressing. It was very beautiful, and all the darkness and the way you presented it was soo great to see. It didn't really seem scary, though. To my mind it was too commercial. The question is: Are you too commercial or are you an high-fashion model?
--> One of you gotta leave us now. It was really hard, and we really couldn't decide! And after I looked at all your tasks of the cycle again, I noticed that somebody of you made the bigger transformation until now. That girl is... TottalyCool68! Congratulations!! :)
Conny, we are sooo sorry that it wasn't enough this time. I hope you will go on, please continue to inspire others by your sceneries. All the best and good luck for your future :*

That's it, we've found our 5 semi-finalists and wish them good luck for the next week.
The challenges will be posted tomorrow!!
xxx Rafael


.Anti.Dot. said...

I have to be honest and sometimes I really don't think things over. After I read what you said and looked over my work, I saw what you were talking about. I did rush (don't know why) and I know I could of done better. But, thank you for letting me through, my makeup skills paid off :] Congrats to everyone else and sorry to Conny.


Anonymous said...

im sad that sweet-lips112 had to go..

Rafi101 said...

@anonymous: Yes i know, it was really sad because this time she was very good. I guess that was too late, the others were just a little better.