Tuesday, October 4

7th Elimination

It's time, my friends...
It's time for the elimination ceremony! And you know what?! I can't believe time went by so fast. Because next week there are already the semi-finals!!
So, we better go on, we may not waste time. Let's begin...

.anti.dot.: Your outfit was very cool, the way you presented it was a little messy, but it's still okay. Welcome in the next round!
BellaCullen4210: I really have no words for your awesome outstanding work. It was AH-MAZING! As always you were one of the best, but this time you topped them all. Congratulations, you are in the next round and the winner of the week! I will announce your price tomorrow when I post the new task.
__mariah__: Wow! Maria, you can't imagine how proud we are of you right now. At first your were completely average, but now you are running past the other contestants from the back. You are the runner-up of this week. Means you were one of the best, but it wasn't enough for the winner of this task. But I think that doesn't matter to you as you already won last week. See you in the next round, my dear!
QeenGoldBabe: Quite good, but I really miss your outstanding work from the beginning. Come on, we all know there's more. Always give 100%, or otherwise the other contestants will get better than you. And I really don't want to eliminate you. You weren't on of the worst, but also not one of the best. Don't give up, convince us in the next round please! :)
TottalyCool68: Yeah, I really liked your outfit. Also your catwalk. It was pretty good, you're getting better my dear. I hope you will surprise us next week!
4EverUrGirl: I really do think it was good, but my Co-Judges didn't have the same opinion as I do. They also meant you were one of the worst. What went wrong at this task, my dear? You know, this is your great chance and there are only 2 weeks left to the big Finale. I know you always give your best, but sometimes it just goes wrong. And it's a big mistake if you fail so close at the end. My dear Alessandra... I'm very sorry to say that but... you are getting weak. But I still think that you have the potential to become a model - a Topmodel!! So, welcome in the next round. This time it won't go wrong, I'm sure ;)

Now there are still 2 persons left...
JuicyC2890 and Sweet-Lips112: You both knew that this day would come sooner or later. And now it's time to say goodbye. Dear Mandy, you became weak - an this very soon in this competition. The last few weeks you were average. In the callbacks you were quite good, but since the Top 13 you didn't become stronger, and the others got better than you. Dear Kaisa, you did amazing jobs with graphics and creativity. Your ides were gorgeous, but the way you presented them was too weak to ever become the winner of the week. And it's sad but you are one of the weakest contestants here. And the whole jury really can't decide if they see some talent in you or not. I personally did see some potential, but you couldn't show it. And that's sad. And we aren't sure if there's enough time for you to convince us that you have the right qualifications!
Mandy... Kaisa... I am so sorry to say you are eliminated - well, at least one of you still has got the chance to fight for the title, to show us her talent! And now I will announce the person who will have to leave this contest. Kaisa, is it you who has the talent but can't really show it? Or is it you Mandy, who got experience and qualifications but cannot show more than she did? Mandy, you know you are a good model, but at this point I gotta tell you that we don't see more than a model - a Topmodel - in you. Mandy I am sorry but you are eliminated. I hope you will keep modeling and training your skills, then I am sure that you will get better.
Congratulations Kaisa, you are in the next round!!!! :D

The next task will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned!


JuicyC2890 (Mandy) said...

Wow....okay. Thank you for the opportunity to compete in the Cycle. I will continue to practice and try out for the next round. Good Luck to everyone

Kaisa said...

Oh my god!!!!!

I can't believe im in semi-finalists, Rafael I luffff uu !!!

Omg,omg,omg, wont let you down! :))

BellaCullen4210 | Cindy said...

Holly! :O


Im so proud to be in the semi-finalists! :O
I love youu, lol! ♥