Thursday, February 24

2nd Elimination

Sorry for being late, there was no other way, just could post it now..
So, today I will present you the Top 14. The following Challenge is the last task before the special Announcement, when we have chosen our final 12. But I'll tell you everything when the time has come. xD

The decission is final, we have chosen our 14 girl. Everyone did an excellent job, but there were 2 who were not strong enough to cme through.
The 2 girls who are eliminated are....
miss_panda96 and Saphir_Girli

I am really sorry, but you are eliminated. It was great having you in the competition.
To the other contestants: Congratulations and welcome in the next Round, you are the Top 14!
I'll post the next Challenge later or tomorrow, so stay tuned.
Your Rafael alias Rafi101

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