Tuesday, February 8

Sage by Fleur Couture - Check it out!

Hey, while the 20 girls are doing the Challenge, I want to present you an amazing Blog:
Sage by Fleur Couture
It is a new, awesome Stardoll Fashion Line. The Founders are crystality and hco-hottie23.
They want to release their first collection in Summer 2011.  They still have so much to do, and they would love your help!
Just click -> here <- to visit the blog and become a follower.

I hope they'll also be our new Media Partners. Can't wait to see their collection. Don't forget to  do the task.
Stay tuned,


ClaireElise said...

Yay :D Thanks so much for this!

hco-hottie23 <333

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

Np ;)
xoxo :D

Crystality said...

Thanks so much!!!:) I love the blog!! we will contact you about Media Partners.

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

okay, thank you. :)