Monday, August 15

Results of Task 4!

Hey guys! Today's monay, usually there should be a new task, but today there won't even be an elimination ceremony. Why? Well, right now I am on vacation, so I didn't have much time to check the entries, and today I found out that there are still 2 people missing, namely QeenGoldBabe and LoveGossip4Life!

So I will just post the first results...
First of all, Missalrashdan decided to leave RNTM because she is going on vacation. We wish her all the best for her future.
For now I won't choose a winner of the week because I only do it when there are all entries. Now, the judges and me had a look at your work and most of it was real good!
Who I liked best was 4EverUrGirl and BellaCullen4210! You really did outstanding work and it really looked super. Especially Bella, your pose, your style, it was all very creative. Keep going like this!
sparklewand12: Your idea was very funny, but you looked more like a beach babe than a fairy. Maybe it was because you wore a bikini or you had no wings, this time it was more creative than outstanding. Please keep working on that. You are in the next round :)
ladygagaHope & Sweet-Lips112: Your sceneries were kept very simple, also a little boring, nevertheless it were nice pictures. You both should practice on your posing skills and the creativity. Next time I want you to do outstanding work, welcome in the next round! :)
TotallyCool68 & __mariah__: You both did beautiful sceneries. The only critisism is that they seemed a little messy! Please watch out and work careful, and practice on your posing skills. But me and also the other 2 judges think that you can do more than that. Welcome in the next round :D
.Anti.Dot.: I must say, your scenery was very boring, there was nothing special about it. But as all 3 judges think that you have potential, you are in the next round. You can be glad that you were last week's winner, otherwise you would have been eliminated. Come on girl, show us your talent!

Now I need to say, there are 2 girls who were too average for this competition..
JuicyC2890 and megan20012! Mandy, your scenery was confusing. That was no fairy, that was just an ordinary girl holding her hand into the water. Megan, your scenery was boring, but you did a nice backround, which won't help you much, but at least it's something...

For now, megan20012 is in the next round! JuicyC2890, you will have to wait until tomorrow for the judge's final decision. There's still hope for you to keep fighting for the title!
So, see ya tomorrow for Part 2 of the Elimination Ceremony.


.Anti.Dot. said...

I do have to agree that my scenery was pretty boring, I wish I used more detail and I am very grateful for you guys believing me. I will try my best to get every detail I can for the next challenge. Thank you!

- .Anti.Dot./Nina

Rafi101 said...

@Nina: No problem, we knew that you can more than that and I am already looking forward to seeing your next task. ;D

xoxo Rafael

Bella | Cindy said...

Thank you for letting me trough the next round, im very pleased you liked my scenery, because i tried to do something unique. Something that has never been seen. (:

Thank you again!

qeengoldbabe said...

Hey Rafi,so here's my late entry that I hope you accept and let me continue on this competition...
It's a forest fairy lying on grass and wearing a dress I made up of trees and I also got wings!

Here's the link:

Hope you like it:)

Rafi101 said...

@QeenGoldbabe: This album is private, I can't view it!! Sorry but if i am not able to view it we have to eliminate you, please upload it on and send us the link again!

qeengoldbabe said...

@Rafi101 I unlocked the album on photobucket but here's a link to imgur as well just to be sure :)