Tuesday, August 9

Top 13 Announcement + 4th Challenge

Hello and welcome to our final casting elimination ceremony. Yes, after all we got our Top 13 together. For now, the eliminated girl is ylime30 as she didn't do the task. By the way, I found out that "Runner-Up" meant something totally different than I thought, so our WINNER of the week is .Anti.Dot.!
So, this are our TOP 13:
[in alphabetical order]
  • .Anti.Dot.
  • BellaCullen4210
  • JuicyC2890
  • ladygagaHope
  • LoveGossi4life
  • __mariah__
  • megan20012
  • Missalrashdan
  • QeenGoldBabe
  • sparklewand12
  • Sweet-Lips112
  • TottalyCool68
  • 4EverUrGirl
Congratulations! ;D
Before I will give you the next task I wanna tell you how everything will be hold...
On Mondays I will post the new task. On Saturday (sometimes also Sunday) will be the deadline & the elimination ceremonies will be every Sunday!

4th Challenge:
The next task will be an "Other World" photoshoot! You have to create a scenery, where you pose as a fairy! You can choose between:
Forest-Fairy: Create a forest-backround (you can add fog if you can) and wear green clothes.
Water-Fairy: As backround you can use/make a lake, a river or you can create a bog. You will pose in blue, skinny & maybe transparent clothes.
Animal-Fairy: You can use any backround, as long as you choose orange, brown or red clothes and pose with any kind of animal.

Save your scenery, take a screenshot and upload it on tinypic/imgur/photobucket and send us the link in the comments below. Please also tell us which one you picked!
Due Date: 14th of August

By the way, the wilcard applications are open. Catch ya later!
xxx Rafael


xx-kirsten-xxx/sparklewand12 said...

Here is my entry: i.imgur.com/Y5ZOd.jpg

I picked water :)
I think I probably neglected the fairy part too much, which was a disappointment in myself, I think I went for more a nymph image maybe? But I portrayed her actions quite well I think. I went for a parting of the sea, alike what Moses did.
It's quite simplistic, but I think it fulfils the task :)

Love K xxx(sparklewand12)

Ladygagahope said...

here is the link:http://oi56.tinypic.com/2rwnbdu.jpg

hope you like it!!!!:)

i choose forest-fairy.

Bella | Cindy said...

Here is my entry:

I am a Animal fairy. She is in the woods, with an animal helping him. (:

I made it in Vertical, see the original in my page. ;]

Hope you like it.xx

Bella | Cindy said...

p.s. I used orange clothes. ;]

MissAlrashdan said...

Hello Rafi, I have bad news to tell ya. I'm going on a vacation so I have to drop out of the competition! So sorry D: Good luck to all who staying in!

JuicyC2890 (Mandy) said...

Hey! So, I choose a Water Fairy. She's at a lake and there's a house in the bushes which is where she lives. Her outfit is blue, but not sheer, sorry! :S Hope you like it!


SD Name: JuicyC2890

Anonymous said...

SD name: 4EverUrGirl

here is my link::

Hope u like it, it took alot of effort and hard work! :D

I choose Water Fairy

Kristenxx said...

Username: TottalyCool68

I'm A Water Fairy

Direct Link To Task 4 Entry:


.Anti.Dot. said...

Thank you so much for making me the winner of the week it means a lot since I take my time/don't rush and try my hardest in ever challenge.

I loved the task and the idea came right to me. An animal-fairy with birds around her, and of course the classic bird on the arm ;D

So, you can find my scenery on my page, but here is a tinypic aswell!


- .Anti.Dot. / Nina