Thursday, August 18

5th Challenge!

Hi there! It's Thursday, so it's time for a new challenge!
Your next task will be...

Animal Photoshoot. So you are going to create a scenery where you posing with a cat or a dog! You can either hold it in your arms or take it for a walk. The backround should be a city! The style should be girly, but also hip & chic. The outfit should include: a blue dress, a leather jacket and high heels. The rest can be made up.

Due Date: Sunday, August 28!

Please sign in my GB or in a comment that your done. Good Luck!
xoxo Rafael


Anonymous said...

Here's my entry:

I Did my Best! and made a city theme!It really was alot of hard work! Hope u like it! enjoy :)

Username: 4EverUrGirl

Kaisa ;* said...

hi rafi!
my entry:

hope you like it, xoxoxo

Bella | Cindy said...

Heres my work:

Im posing with my doggie Miranda.
I didnt put a jacket on because it would ruin the pose. :) Sorry.

Hope you love it.

JuicyC2890 (Mandy) said...

Name: JuicyC2890

qeengoldbabe said...

Hey Rafi here's my entry!!

Hope ya like it :)
QeenGoldBabe xx