Wednesday, August 17

4th Elimination!

Hey guys & dolls! Welcome to the elimination ceremony of task 4!
So, I will do it short & snappy...
QeenGoldBabe: That... was... ah-mazing!!! Wonderful! I love it! Wow!
Is that enough for you? Welcome in the next round. Please keep that awesome work, but also practice practice practice! It would be great when you keep practicing on your posing skills so that you will even become better. *thumb up*

Nevertheless, this week's winner will be... BellaCullen4210! Your scenery was stunning, and you were one of the first who completed the task, so I think ou should be honored by becoming the winner of the week, and guess what? As a prize you will be featured in the RNTM Backstage Magazine. We'll write a full article about you. Congrats!

And now for the elimination... LoveGossip4Life is dropping the competition as her life is very hectic at this moment. This means JuicyC2890 will stay - But remember, this is your last chance to proof your talent!!!
You know whats funny?
Cycle 1: One person dropped!
Cycle 2: Three Persons dropped!
Cycle 3: Five persons dropped!
--> Each cycle there are 2 persons more who just drop. I hope this won't go on this way, at the end all contestants will drop and nobody will win. O.o
Horrible, but I can understand it as it is summer. I am on vacation myself. But I brought my laptop with me (:

The next task will be posted tomorrow! Stay tuned, xoxo Rafael

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