Saturday, June 8

4th Challenge!

Hey everybody!

I'm actually pretty upset that I couldn't post this earlier, but I was "distracted" ...
You know, I live very close to the Danube and another river that flows into the Danube and it had been raining for many many days. So you can imagine that the water level kept climbing up and we had to bring all the stuff from our cellar and the ground floor up into the upper floor. I was really worried the flood would hit us. Good thing our town had a very good levee, otherwise our house would have been flooded.
So you see, I have a very good excuse this time for my delay. Haha :D

Firstly, I want to announce the winner of the week for Task 3. Our Top 3 contestants are Cheekycazbo1, mangunmeetan and SweetPiink1999. You three did a very very great job and you all would deserve it! And the one who did it best is .....
Mangun!! Congratulations, you are the winner of the week. And this is your reward:
You will be the face of the spoiler for the great Finale of RNTM Cycle 6!! Congratulations :)

Alright, let's move on to this week's task which will be split into two parts again.
You know, I've been thinking a lot about a new challenge. I mean, we've already had so many things: high fashion ad campaigns, commercials, runway challenges, editorial photoshoots, make-up tasks, beauty shoots, outfit and style challenges ... but we haven't had something with sports until now, have we?!

And this is your task:
You have to show us how sporty and fit you are in a sports photoshoot! You have to wear a sporty outfit or a tracksuit. The background is up to you, so you choose the location for your photoshoot - wether it's the gym or outdoor. You can actually do anything on your photo - jogging, excercices, yoga ...
Just show us how you get into shape! Take a look at the following pictures to get some inspiration.

Sara Kulka from GNTM 2012

Sara Kulka from GNTM 2012


Guess what, we haven't seen you on the catwalk yet in this cycle. So the second task will be a runway task, of course. You have to present a Prêt-à-porter outfit on the runway! The outfit should be casual, a bit sporty but still chic, something you would wear on a warm summer day in town or for shopping. I won't really go into detail as it's a question of personal style, so just be yourself and rock the catwalk!! ;)

Deadline: Saturday, June 15th

If you have any questions, ask me! 
xoxo Rafael


Reina said...


alex.kolonia999 said...

my 1st task
hope you like it.
the second task coming soon :)

Anonymous said...

amazing graphic alexandra!

Aeon_Flux_96 said...

Here's the first part of the task! Hope you like it! :')

Reina said...

Hi! Here are my tasks. I hope you like it.
(the quality of both images are better on original size)

sports photoshoot

runway task


Mangunmeetan said...


Carrie.Rose said...

Part 1:

Part 2:


Aeon_Flux_96 said...

Here's my second part:

Anonymous said...

So, I'm late...
But, late's better than never, right?

Anyhow, so my "secret weapon" was a scenery in this case. When going into this task, I wanted to go out of my comfort zone, and a scenery definitely was out of boundaries. Though it's a bit of a fail (hopefully not too bad, though), I recreated an gymnast posing. Unfortunately, the rings that gymnasts use I didn't have anything similar, so I used these heart-shaped rings instead. Without me explaining futher, the idea behind pt. 1 was pretty simple: a gymnastics photoshoot hung on the wall.

So, here it is:

and then for the runway, I basically used the generic stardoll pose and clothes, but I made my own runway in photoshop. Its a little small, but hopefully not too shabby.

And here it is:

Cross my fingers I don't get eliminated. But, sometimes, when you push boundaries, it doesn't always pay off. At the very least hopefully I'll get some pointers for trying :P

alex.kolonia999 said...

task 2