Friday, June 21


Hey everyone!!

I wanted to inform you that the elimination ceremony won't be coming out before Monday. That's because I'm still waiting for the entries of three contestants, which are muffins97, KatyPerrydu56 and juju_001. Muffins97 and KatyPerrydu56 still needed some extra time because of important exams and stress at school, juju_001 hasn't replied yet.
At this point I also want to tell you that Sweetpiink1999 decided to leave the competition due to personal reasons. This means there are now only 9 contestants left.

I wanna thank all the contestans who already sent in their tasks very much for being so punctual ... or at least trying it! Though I really appreciate that, it doesn't mean that you are fully safe. Who knows, maybe someone still has to leave the competition at the elimination ceremony?!

xoxo Rafael

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Juju_001 said...

Sorry i can't stay anymore i prefere lost ,because i got my exam ! Sorry :$