Friday, July 22

2nd Challenge!!

Hey guys! So it's a new day, it's Friday... no wait it's already SATURDAY (damn midnight!). It's time for a new task. :)

Before I start, I wanna say something... Maddie_Fashion told me that she hasn't got time because she is leaving Stardoll or something and she said "I beg you to give another person my place", so I thought I will keep JennyLovesUS5 in the competition as I'm not that cruel, and if this is her wish, I accept it ;D
So welcome back Jenny, this is your second & last chance to show me what you can do!
We never had this situation in RNTM, did we? I can assure you this will get into RNTM history! (and of course the in the August-issue of our Backstage Magazine)

Okay, your new task is a commercial. The theme of your task is "Some people go crazy for shoes".
I really wanna see your creativity!! You should create a scenery, if you want you can edit it with photoshop or another graphic program (for ex. gimp). The main thing is that it needs to advertise the shoe.
I wanna see you go crazy for that one shoe you wanna buy, like hitting somebody, breaking things down, laugh or even be paranoid. We need to see that you would do everything to get the shoe.
Remember, the shoe is the main thing!
I know it is a very hard task, but I really wanna see your creativity, but also your commercial side!

Deadline: Friday, July 29!

Please sign my guestbook when you are ready or send me the tinypic/imgur/photobucket link of your task in a comment!! Good Luck, stay tuned :)
xoxox Rafael


.Anti.Dot. said...

I love the idea! I'll try my best to be on time and to make an amazing scenery :D

MissAlrashdan said...

Lol, I hope its good! Now If you wanna know whats going on there. Well the girl who has on a yellow dress try's to take the shoes from me because shes in love with those shoes. And you can see I'm doing fashion poses and stuff like that. Also, There is some frames to show that there very Royal and high fashion. So I hope I'm still in!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great challange.!

heres my entry -

sincerly BellaCullen4210

xx-kirsten-xxx said...

I'm sparklewand12 :)
It was definitely a hard task, I had so many ideas that I tried for the past few hours, but none of them were working, so I was aiming for something a little too ambitious! So I took a break and came up with this:
My doll is in a shoe shop, and she has no shoes, the one pair left is the pair she wants, and lots of others are trying to get it, so she faints, either from the pressure of getting this one fab pair of shoes that matches her outfit, or as a con, so people will feel sympathy for her!(You choose which story you like best!)
I made the majority of it in the scenery, and fixed a few little errors and added the grabbing hands in using photoshop :)

I really like it, and I hope you do too :)

Love K xxx

P.S. Can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's me, __mariah__.
Here is my work:

A girl dreaming of the perfect shoes

qeengoldbabe said...
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qeengoldbabe said...

So here's my entry:

I wanted to make my scenery funny and I think it's funny indeed as it's me fighting(literally) fot the dreamy pair of shoes.After an ugly fight I do get the shoes but I've become a mess :P Hope you like it!!!
qeengoldbabe :]

.Anti.Dot. said...

Here is my scenery:

User: .Anti.Dot.