Sunday, July 31

2nd Elimination + 3rd Challenge

Hi there! So, since I haven't posted the elimination yesterday, I will hold the elimination ceremony today and then announce the new task.


Well, this time it's rather simple because there are some people who left RNTM.
Bunny_Loveless is going on vacation for 4 weeks, so she can't participate any longer. Of course, she'll get a Wildcard for Cycle 4! Then there are 2 other contestants who also wanted to leave which are lolly_baby_gurl and doll2005. They said that they don't have enough time. They might try it at the next cycle, who knows...
And now we are coming to JennyLovesUS5. I must say I was really sorry when I saw her message that she's leaving RNTM, especially the way how she wrote it (but I won't tell anything as this is a private case). But she's preparing for her secondary-school examinations, and she's right, the real life goes first! Jenny, I wish you all the best for school and your way. :*
So they all are eliminated, we might see some of them again in Cycle 4.

By the way I wanna say that you all did a fantastic job on the scenery!! Some of them should really practice like __mariah__ or JuicyC2890. But who really did an excellent job was QeenGoldBabe, your scenery was truly the best of all! With that much talent I'm sure you'll do it far, so you are going to be the first Runner-Up of the week. Congrats!

3rd Challenge:

 For the third task I want you to create an elegant outfit! It must be made of:
A dress (if possible, maxi dress), High Heels, Accesories & a bag or a purse! Your outfits must be based on the colors blue, purple or red. Take a screenshot and upload it on Tinypic/Imgur/Photobucket or something like this and send us the link in a comment!! Don't forget to write your SD Username! :-]

Deadline: Sunday, August 7

Okay, this is everything for now. Stay tuned!
xoxox Rafael


MissAlrashdan said...

When is it due???

qeengoldbabe said...

Here's my entry:

Hope you like it!!!

Username :QeenGoldBabe

miley4live96 said...

Cool :) @ QeenGoldBabe I can't see your photo. ;D

xx-kirsten-xxx/sparklewand12 said...

Here is mine :)

Love K xxx (sparklewand12)

Ladygagahope said...
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Ladygagahope said...
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Ladygagahope said...

this is the link:

i hope you like it!

MissAlrashdan said...

Here's my result:
It's not really a crazy outfit:D

Hope you like it


Kristenxx said...


Anonymous said...


JuicyC2890 (Mandy) said...

SD username: JuicyC2890

Sorry, its late! Will you still count it? :S

Anonymous said...

Here's my result:

Hope you like it!:D
oh and sorry its late!

.Anti.Dot. said...

Here is my dress:

Good luck everyone and I hope the judges love my dress :] My user is .Anti.Dot.