Tuesday, July 12

Cycle 3 - Welcome in the Callbacks (1st Task)

Hello there and welcome to a new cycle of RNTM!
I know that I may be late and I am sorry, but I had some problems with the playlist and especially with the Opener & it was very late when I gave up to fix it, so the third season of RNTM officially starts today, on the 13th of July! :D
 You can watch the Opener under the tab "Cycle 3 Opener".
I don't wanna waste any more time. I will now announce the lucky Top 20 of Cycle 3 (in no certain order)...
  • Bunny_Loveless (Wildcard winner)
  • JennyLovesUS5 (Wildcard winner)
  • JuicyC2890
  • TottalyCool68
  • ladygagaHope
  • Maddie_fashion
  • .Anti.Dot.
  • LoveGossip4life
  • Sweet-Lips112
  • vintage94
  • sparklewand12
  • megan20012
  • QeenGoldBabe
  • Ylim30
  • Missalrashdan
  • doll2005
  • 4EverUrGirl
  • BellaCullen4210
  •  lolly_baby_gurl
  • __mariah__
Congratulations! You are the ones who really did stand out of the crowd. It wasn't easy to decide, after all everybody wanted a chance. A huge thanks to everybody who applied, please don't give up and try it in the next cycle again. :)

Your First Task:
Let's begin with the big casting! Your first challenge is:
Create a scenery at the beach. You must wear a swimsiut or a bikini, and don't forget about the accessoires!
There should be one main color in your outfit: yellow, because yellow is the color of Summer 2011.
Include a pose if you can, but you need not. To avoid glitches, you can also upload it on tinypic and post the link in the comments! Give your best 'cause there will be 3 people eliminated!
Due Date: Wednesday, July 20!!

Alright, and now we are coming to today's most exciting thing: THE SPOILER OF THE FINALE!!!

xoxo Rafael


xx-kirsten-xxx said...

Thank you for choosing me!!!

I just wanted to let you know I have completed my scenery and it's on my page (sparklewand12) :D

Love K xxx

Anchie-. said...

Hey , Thank's That you choosed me :)

Well,I finished my Scnerey you can Take a look it's on my page : Bunny_Loveless

Angelica101 xoxo .

__mariah__ said...

Hey guys,
thank you for choosing me. I'm really happy! Thank you for giving me this chance!
I had some problems with the beach, so I put one pic just with the outfit without the beach!

Hope you like it!
http://i54.tinypic.com/29ndkk0.png (just the outfit)

http://i51.tinypic.com/15yaphc.jpg (at the beach)

Love, Maria (__mariah__)

MissAlrashdan said...

Omg! I'm so excited to be one of the 20! Thank you so much for choosing me! :D Umm, I created a scenery But I'm not good at making scenery so I'm kinda worried! I tried my best to choose the right catergory! If you want to see mine its on MIssalrashdan's Scenery! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow, me in the 20's. :O THANK YOU!

My scenery is on my my page - BellaCullen4210

heres the tinypic link - http://i52.tinypic.com/2yyxvli.jpg

Kaisa :3 said...

My scenery on stardoll: Sweet-Lips112>Sceneries>Rafaels next top model task 1


Jey.?! said...

Scenery: Sommer(:

It's ugly, I know :D

xxx JennyLovesUS5

Anonymous said...

how did u chose who was in the top 20?

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

@Anonymous: They applied in comments. There was an application form on this site, but i deleted it after the Top 20 were chosen :)