Tuesday, October 2

3rd Challenge!

Hey guys!
It's time for another challenge! I wanted to post this earlier, but I had no time because I wasn't at home that much. Anyway, this task will be more about your creativity, posing skills and beauty, so this is no scenery task this time.

We're doing an high fashion ad campaign for jewelry. The background should be simple, your doll has to wear a glamorous dress plus a gorgeous hair-do. Your doll should also have a simple make-up, like only mascara and eyeliner, therefore intensive red lipstick (Retro/60's look) and of course lots of sparkling jewelry. You MUST include a pose!!!
The photo should look like a campaign that could be seen on the Stardoll homepage. The ad should be about any Stardoll jewelry shop like Mawi, Glam'rus or Epiphany (except Sunny Bunny because it isn't very high fashion).
IMPORTANT: You'll need a slogan for your campaign! But it shouldn't sound too commercial, a short phrase and/or a name of a collection will do it. Play around with the font and the colors, try to create something outstanding and eye-catching.
By the way, remember that you mustn't create your own accessories as you are advertising something Stardoll related, so remember that it shouldn't be a complete graphic. I just wanted to repeat that in order to avoid missunderstandings. ;)

Deadline: Tuesday, October 9

If you need help or have a question, do not hesitate to contact me. Good luck!!
xoxo Rafael


ExtvaganceSD said...

Are we allowed to do graphics, or should the pose be in a scenery?

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@ExtravaganceStardoll: The pose can/should be done by a graphic program, of course! But the pose shouldn't really be self-drawn, it should be your doll posing if you get what I mean. (Exept if you really feel like you just HAVE to do the pose on your own.)

Alana said...

My entry:

Flora :D said...
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Manda said...


MAWI - Show Glamour with Colour.


Flora :D said...

As i told you on my previous post, i LOVE mixing colours. So my 2nd graphic, is a super mix of different colours. Its title is "Fashion is passion, by MAWI" (it sounds like a new collection of mawi, and here is a model wearing them:P )


hoho, PrettiestWoman

claragoosmann19 said...

FREE - relieve yourself of burdens


Feathery juwellery, without weithing on (;

Sounds a bit like a shampoo-advertising ^^ sry. coudn't find other words...


Flowerpin said...

I really don't understand this challenge, but I will do my best.

Flowerpin said...

ick. I suck at graphics.

I was trying to make it more of a 'photographers' perspective. So...I have the main requirements.

Also the background text is read:

MAWI Simply Stunning

Great job to the other entries!

Despina said...

(I know, my graphic skills are really bad.. I'd make a new graphic but I didn't have time )

Inessa♥ said...

Here's my entry:


Hope you Guys like it.


Anonymous said...


I wanted to stick to the retro 60's theme and do an homage to my two favorite people of that time (Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe).Also i decided to do a simple pose since most ads were like that back then and i didn't want to make it to much of a graphic this isn't that type of competition.


Anika Rose said...
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Anika Rose said...


Jewelry line name:Forever Angel
Background color:black

My line is themed ;as you can see when you go to the link.I felt that it was appropriate because of the line name and because halloween is coming up :D

Alana said...

Slogan: Live and Breath Diamonds.

ExtvaganceSD said...


name of collection: rustic elegance
slogan: -...makes you shine at any place!

Hope you like it, and sorry for the delay, but like I told you I've been ill the last few days :(
Yours, Nora

ExtvaganceSD said...

here's the hole enty including the name of the collection and the slogan: