Sunday, October 28

4th Elimination Ceremony

Hey guys!
It's time for the next elimination ceremony and I can tell you that it was a really really tough decision for me though the decision was quite clear this time (at least to the others, not to me).
Maria sadly couldn't judge this time due to a busy schedule, but Marie, Jasmin and I made a decision which I will tell you now...

First things first, Alana aka ask510 decided to leave the competition as she's very busy in real life at the moment. We can understand this, of course, and we wish you all the best for your future!
So let's have a look at the photos and give some feed-back.


Wow, what a great photo! You've created a lovely graphic and your entry is truly one of the best this week. The outfit is very sexy and we do get a scary feeling. I know that it's very hard to show emotions on a doll face but I think that you've managed to look like scared and full of fear. Very well done, you are in the next round!


I don't really like this one. Sorry but I just don't see any other expressions than "sexy". The background isn't really what I wanted and it all looks very childish. All judges said that you were on of the worst 3 contestants this time! But I really have to admit that you look very hot! Oh dear...
BUT, we decided to give you another chance because the photo still looks quite nice though you've missed the theme. I really hope you can convince us next time!!


To be honest, this isn't my cup of tea either. You don't look very scared and it turned out quite average this time, plus the quality of this picture isn't very clear. Despina, I gave you second chance so that you can prove your talent, but you didn't really convince me... Well, Marie and Jasmin said that they still like your entry because it looks dark and misterious and they quite liked your idea. This means that you've passed this round. I hope you can do better next time!


Uhm... Clara?? What happened? If you really got lost in a dark forest like this, would you REALLY just stand there and pose? "Oh I'm so scared, but look how sexy I'm dressed". I know it's meant to be a photoshoot, but at a real photoshoot you have to show emotions and pretend the situation was real in order to get a good picture. Okay, the background looks foggy and dark and your outfit is quite sexy, but that's it. No expressions, no emotions, you've just missed the theme. Marie said that she only liked the background and Jasmin didn't like it at all! And I'm not happy either. I'm very sorry to tell you but you have to wait a bit... You're in the bottom 2.


Finally a good photo again! I mean you are posing, too. But we see expressions in the doll face and everything is very misterious and scary. Not to forget about your gorgeous costume! Everything looks very sexy, edgy but also dark and dangerous. Well done, you've created and awesome picture. Congratulations, you are in the next round!


Oh là là, this is fabulous! I love the idea, I love the background and oh, what's that...

Emotions! Exactly how I wanted it! Everything matches the theme very well - you look stunning but also very frightened and full of fear. The quality of the picture isn't the best, but it looks very good all in one. Congratulations, you've done an awesome job and therefore you reach the next challenge!


OMG! That's what I first thought when I saw this photo! It's just amazing - the background, the outfit, the idea... I especially love how you really managed to show emotions. This photo tells us a story of a scared (good-looking) girl running for her life. Marie loved it too, although she mentioned that the outfit isn't her "cup of tea". Anyway, you were one of the best and that's why you deserved to pass this elimination ceremony! Congratulations :)


Well I'm not very delighted to see this. I know you could have done soooo much better and that's why I'm so disappointed. Okay, your idea was in fact very creative, but the result didn't convince any of the judges. There isn't a clear scheme in this photo and you still look very 'happy' in this rather scary location. I'm sorry to tell you that you are in the bottom 2!


Honestly? I don't get it, I mean I just don't understand what you wanted to tell us. But maybe that's the good thing about the photo - we don't know if the man who injured and in fact killed you just didn't know that you are dressed up or are you really a vampire?
Anyway, it's really scary and misterious and I love the expression on your doll's face. Marie likes your photo very much, I like it too, and therefore you are in the next round. Congratulations!

Bottom 2
Clara and Cat

You know, this wasn't easy for me. I mean, I like you both. Both of you are an individual personality, both of you have an amazing style and both of you tried very hard to get here. Marie, Jasmin and I made a decision...
I'm sorry but this time you couldn't keep up with the others. I'm very very very sorry to tell you that you are eliminated.  I hope you've enjoyed being a contestant in Cycle 5 and we all wish you all the best for your future! But don't worry, we'll see us again for the Top 12 Catwalk in the Finale.
Clara, this means you are in the next round. Congratulations! I hope you'll do better next time.

That's all folks. I will post the next challenge as well as the Cycle 5 Opener tomorrow! Oh, and I'll announce the winner of the week tomorrow, too. Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael


Flowerpin said...

Woah. I didn't expect to do that bad. I guess I didn't understand you wanted more emotions.

The. Name. Is. Isabel. :O said...

I like FlowerPin's photo, but it looks like you just edited your face onto a dressup doll.

claragoosmann19 said...

OMG. Thank you. My work was so bad. Thanks for this second chance.

afrin said...

They are great all of them but a question to extravagance SD is that graphic created by you or did u take that from any dressup game...its becuase i've seent aht somewere but am just asking :)