Tuesday, November 27

Schedule! (UPDATE)

Hello everyone!
I'm updating this post because there has been something changed in the schedule AGAIN.

I have to say that I'm extremely, like extremely (!) disappointed with the contestants as I think I gave enough time to do the tasks, and yet two are still missing. Only Nora, Manda and Jody made it on time (on the last day).
Seriously, this is the semi-finale, this is pretty rude. I'm very very disappointed, but I'm not a cruel monster. So I decided to do the elimination ceremony tomorrow, on Tuesday. I really hope I do get the entries until tonight.
So, here's the new and updated schedule for December:

Tuesday, Dec. 4 - Semi-finals elimination ceremony
Wednesday, Dec. 5 - The final challenge
Wednesday, Dec. 12 - Deadline for the final tasks
Saturday, Dec. 15 - The big Finale (Live-Chat + Video)

The official spoiler will be released on Thurday. Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael

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