Wednesday, November 21

The Semi-Finals!

Hello everybody and welcome to the first part of the semi-finals!
I'm already very excited and I'm looking forward to seeing the entries of our contestants. I am very happy to tell you that this week we'll have a very special co-judge. I'm sure you know her. It's.......
Cathérine Cerise AKA mathildamath!! :D
Yes, the winner of Cycle 4 will be our co-judge at the semi-finals. She knows what it takes to be a Topmodel, so give your best.

Also, this week we're gonna have a voting! You can vote for your favorite contestant to be in the Finale. You can find the poll in the side-bar. You can only vote once!
So, this week the decision counts 50% judges' opinion and 50% follower's vote. The contestants are allowed to promote and advertise themselves, but please don't spam or force others to vote for you, haha. ;)

Alright my dear contestants, at the semi-finals you have 3 tasks to do.

Do-It-Yourself Outfit
There's no RNTM without the DIY challenge. I hope you all know what I mean. Simply create an outfit made of anything that you find on Stardoll (except clothes!) and present it in an Editorial photoshoot - this means you have to pose in front of a plain background.
If you followed the previous cycle, then you will know what to do. If not, here are some images to help you:

Candyfloss_girl, Cycle 2

BellaCullen4210, Cycle 3

__mariah__, Cycle 3

MaryChristmas11, Cycle 4

mathildamath, Cycle 4

You can use graphic programs as always, but remember to make the DIY outfit of random things from Stardoll! Just be creative and surprise us.

Video Commercial
Yes, we're gonna have a commercial again. Just like in the semi-finals of Cycle 4, you will be featured in one of my videos which will be an advertising spot. The commercial will be about Make-up on Stardoll! Yes, I know we already had make-up in the last cycle. But this time it's gonna be a little different because now you can use any make-up you find on Stardoll (not only dot like last time). Also, you have to create three different looks. One should be elegant, one should be extravagant and the last look can be made up by you. 
Please don't forget that every commercial needs some text or a slogan. So when you send us the tasks, please include the text that should appear in the video!
Give your best, because the best idea/video will be shown in the advertisement break of the Finale!!!!! 

Evening Gown Catwalk
The third task is again a catwalk challenge. This time you have to present an elegant evening gown on the runway. I think you all know how an evening gown looks like - elegant, coutury, sophisticated! Your make-up should match the dress and maybe you can combine it with some sparkling jewelry and accessories. I hope the following pictures are an inspiration for you:

Alright, that's it! I hope you will have fun doing these tasks and I wish you lots of luck! 

DEADLINE: Saturday, December 1

I've decided to change the schedule and delay the deadline as well as the Finale again. More information will follow in a new post!

I hope you are as excited as me. 
Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael


ExtvaganceSD said...

For the Video-Commercial... do you mean we have to create three different Make-UP-Looks or one make-up that fits to three different looks?? And are we allowed to use jewellry, too?

Cathérine Cerise said...

Give your best, girls :) good luck to everyone! Can't wait to see and judge the entries.

xoxo cathy
P.S.: Why did I use that strange haircut und this horrible colour?! Things have changed xD

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Nora: I meant that you have to create three different make-up looks :)

Manda said...

Hello Rafael :)

Well, actually I don't wanna be the person again, who asks for 1 more day time, but I think I'm also speaking for the other contestants, as I see no one has send in her entrys until now and tomorrow is already the deadline (maybe some managed to send in tmrw, could be possible, but I'm sure many are in pressure of time).
So it would be very pleasant and nice of you, if you delay the deadline to one day, so its on Wednesday.
Would be gorgeous of you!

Have a nice Evening,

Jody_Cailin said...

Yes Manda is speaking also for me :) It would begreat if you could delay the deadline for one day.

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Jody: I don't know if you haven't already noticed the UPDATE on this post, but... *cough*

Jody_Cailin said...

Oh no i just saw it :D Thank you.

ExtvaganceSD said...

Hi, finally I'm ready^^ Here are my entries:

1. DIY-Dress

2. Make up
Text: Beauty is full of variety- Show your true faces!

3. Couture Gown

I really, really hope you like it!!! Yours, Nora

Manda said...

Now, finally I finshied my tasks:

Task 1:

Task 2:
Evening Gown Catwalk

Evening Gown Editorial Shooting:

Task 3:
3 Makeups

1) Elegant Peach - Inevitable

2) Look Majestically like a Peacock (Extravagant)

3) My own Makeup:
Kesha - You would die young to wear this Makeup:

Hope you like them all :)

Jody_Cailin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jody_Cailin said...

I am also finished :) *aargh and messed up the links*

1.DIY editorial shoot:

2. MakeUp:




3. Evening Gown Catwalk:

Hope you like them :)
greetings Jody

Clara said...

I'm so sorry Rafael. My internet broke down and is not working very well at the moment. Sometimes it breaks down again and again and it is very slow. But I will try to upload the pictures now but in a very bad quality.

Clara said...

You're right