Tuesday, November 20

6th Elimination!

Hello everybody and welcome to the 6th elimination ceremony!
Oh my, can you believe it that tomorrow the semi-finals will already start? That means we now have to find 5 girls who are still able to fight for the title.
Firstly, only I and Marie could judge this time...

So, this week was quite different to the other challenges, because this time everyone did an amazing job and there were only beautiful outfits to see. But unfortunately, one will have to leave us.
At this elimination ceremony, I will first give you the feed-back on the first task, then we'll talk about the interviews and then I will announce the 5 semi-finalists.

Ok, let's have a look at the outfits!


What an amazing outfit! This outfit really does fit the theme 'business chic'. It's classy, but also trendy. Marie and I simply love this outfit! The only thing I'm not happy about is that you forgot the runway.. Nevertheless, it's an outstanding task. :)


I like the outfit, it's very nice. However, it's not what I would call 'business chic', itt's more 'street chic', and that's not really what we were expecting. For example, if you took another top, like a white blouse, and maybe darker trousers, then it would have been more suitable for the business world. But I like the pose and the way you presented it. By the way, it's Prêt-à-Porter, not Pet-à-Porter. ;) 


One word: WOW! Stunning outfit, stunning posel, stunning graphic! Clara, I'm so proud of how you've improved in the last three weeks. Your outfit is elegant, trendy and perfect for a business day. Marie thinks the expression of your doll is very good for the runway. She also says that you remind her of Miranda from "Sex and the City", haha.


Another gorgeous outfit! Your idea actually worked out very good, this is something that you really could wear at a meeting in the VOGUE office. It could actually be in the magazine itself, too. I simply love your graphic and the runway. Marie thinks so too, but she doesn't like the hair that much.


Inessa, this is a nice outfit. Black and white is something you can wear for any occassion and it always works for business! Our only concern is that it isn't as outstanding as other entries. I mean, it's really nice but not that special. Nevertheless it fits the theme ;)


Jody is our new posing queen, eh?! Haha, the way you presented the outfit is really great. The outfit is quite great, too. It's chic and classy although it's not really our cup of tea. Well done, Jody! 

Okay guys, now let's go on with the Interviews...
You might asked yourself why you had this as the second task. Well, there's always a reason. I said that you should imagine you have an interview with a reporter of a famous blog/magazine. The only thing you didn't know - the interview was for a gossip blog. And you know they often tend to exaggerate things and start a hype about rumors and stuff.
Let's take a look at the headlines, shall we?


Will Nora celebrate Christmas all alone?!

Uh, what happened? The readers got attention and now they want to read everything. Of course they will understand what the headline means when they read the whole interview, but at first glance you might get a false impression.
This is your original answer:
"My biggest wish for christmas is that I could be with my family, because I actually live pretty far away from my family."


Getting on top without much effort?! Flora takes the risk

Quite a negative/confusing headline, but what made the reporter write such a headline?
"I think that I stand out from the others because of my decisions on making graphics. I love making simple graphics, without putting many effects (sounds like minimal)."
Of course I know what you meant, but some people might not understand that less is more...


No Plan B

What? No plan B for what?
Well, the question was if you have any plans if you don't win RNTM. And that's your answer:
"No I don't have any plans yet. / I can't imagine of anything.. Because Stardoll is these times not that inspiring for me. It's just a means to an end."
A reporter could get the impression that you don't have any plans or activities if you suddenly get eliminated. It's always important how you express your thoughts properly.


"Manda's passion for fashion"

Well, this is not a negative headline. It's quite clear why this headline has been taken.
"Oh I love everything with fashion. / Fashion is my Passion!!!"
That's true, in your interview we mainly could read about fashion. I must say, your interview was nearly perfect. You've never really mentioned something negative or selfish, even at the tricky questions. Well done!


Inessa has a big heart for children

Now that's a positive headline! There were a few things in your interview, but this here was definitely outstanding:
"I also love childrens so i decided to do a social placement in a kindergarden♥"
Aww, how cute! :3 Well done, you've managed to give a nice interview.


Jody isn't that interested in Stardoll

'Wait a minute, what??' And that's how people start reading your interview, haha. This is what you originally said:
"Is there anything on Stardoll that you'd also love to do besides modeling?
No, not on the stardoll page. What would it be? I don't want to become CG or NCG or catwalk winner. For me the world around stardoll is much more interesting".
See, at first sight this sounds very shocking, but after the interview people understand what you actually wanted to say.
By the way, what if you really becoem CG or NCG or catwalk winner one day? Wouldn't you be proud? ;P

Of course these aren't real interviews, but this task was a kind of practice for the future. If you get the chance to give an interview for a blog or a magazine, it's always important to watch out how you express things. Even when your thought are meant to be good - in the worst case they can be missunderstood.  

Well, the elimination ceremony is coming to an end. I will now announce the semi-finalists. They are...

ExtravaganceSD, claragoosmann19, MandaMichalka and Jody_Cailin! Congratulations, you were absolutely stunning and you all deserved it!
One place remained free. And who will be the 5th (and last) semi-finalist? Flora or Inessa? 
Both of you were lovely, but not very outstanding this week. Nevertheless, Marie and I have made a decision. The last semi-finalist ....... is...............

Inessa! Congratulations, you are in the semi-finals!!!!
Flora, I am sooo sorry for you, I know you really wanted this and I know you did your best, but unfornately it wasn't enough. You know, this is the second time that you are in the Bottom 2 and I just didn't see any further improvement. But I really hope that you will continue modeling. And don't forget, we'll see us again in the Finale ;)

That's all! Thank you for reading this post. The next tasks will be posted tomorrow!!
Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael


Jody_Cailin said...

Yeah i am in the semi finals :D I got a little bit scared during reading all the critics ...

ooh i knew that sentence of mine would be difficult... But your question was "what we would love to do" so it's not a question about what we love doing on stardoll already. (that's how i understood it, my bad if my english is really that bad :/ ).

Anyways i am looking for the next task!

Clara said...

Awesome. I'm in the semifinals! Thanks.

I think I understood the question wrong ^^...

LoveGossip4life said...

My favorite entry this week was actually Flora's... but congrats to the finalists ;)