Saturday, November 10

Tick tock tick tock ...

Time flies very fast... too fast. Guys, you know why I always wanted my contestants to be punctual? Because this competition is only planned to durate 15 weeks, but those are nearly over. Partly it's my fault, I know I wasn't always punctual myself. Anyway, it's about the Finale. It was actually planned to be on December 1st, but there are only 3 (!) weeks left, but also 3 other challenges are left (including the final tasks), therefore it looks like this cycle will last 16 weeks.
So, the new date for the Finale is Saturday, December 8th. I'm already excited for it, but I hope now there won't be any other delay.

xoxo Rafael


Carrie.Rose said...

Even though the finale will be a week late im still looking forward to it! Im sure it will be amazing :)x

Flowerpin said...

So....when will we get our next task?