Monday, November 5

Winner of the week...

Hey guys!
I know this is coming quite late, but I've waited for a response of the other judges and I haven't got any yet. So I decided to choose the winner of the week (for task 4) on my own.
Well, the best ones were definitely PrettiestWoman, MandaMichalka, Inessa... and ExtravaganceSD. You all did an amazing job, but only one can be this last week's winner. And the winner is...............................
Manda!! Congratulations, you are the winner of task 4. To be honest, I couldn't think of a good prize or modeling job I could offer you, so I thought I'd just give you 30sd. Hope you use them for shopping at the Starplaza. Simply reserve me anything in your Starbazaar for 30sd (with taxes that would be 33sd).

By the way, Manda and Clara mentioned they have a busy timetable at school, so you two may send in the tasks 1-2 days later.

Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael


Manda said...

Wow, thank you very very much! :))

And, thanks for the little more time :))

Jody_Cailin said...

Congratulations Manda! :)

Manda said...

On Friday, I'll be able to send in both tasks.
Hope you keep patient with me.
Sorry lots!

Manda :)

Manda said...

Tomorrow morning/midday i gotta finish my 2nd shoot.

Soo Sorry again, but i wrote some surprising (says: got official only 1 day before wiriting) tests yesterday and today and theres this project and now i want some free hours this evening, hope you understand!!


Manda said...

So, finally here are my entrys! :)
And... thank you so much, for giving me the time i needed. <3

- - - - - - - - - -

Circus Shooting:

Maybe you wonder, why I haven't choosen a very flattery outfit, but I think a trapez artist has to perfectly move her/his body and I think this is able in that outfit. But at least there was missing the "wind-effect", if u understand what I mean, so I focused the whole scheme on transparent sashes/silk scarves/hangings. Moreover I used different lights to make the Shooting look like it literally was done in a real Circus and thats what I wanted to point out.

Crazy Couture Shooting:
1. On the Runway:

This task really got my attention.
At least i was looking 1 hour for a perfect crazy, sensual Couture Look when I came to Dior AW'10 and I got impressed by these gorgeous works. I knew I had to do a look with one of these gowns, so I did. For me this dress is one of the most amazing ones from the collection. I loved the idea to create a totally typical flattery fairy gown mixed with a makeup and expression of a witch. LOVED this!
So... I did. The runway is hold in fairy colours, says rose, pink, purple. I looked on the original runway where my eyes were kept on the beautiful flowers in the background. For sure i tried it out, but the flowers didn't fit my runway scheme (unfortunately D:) I already had designed and it didn't fit the colours and animation (I took real oversized flowers from PSE) at all. Then I wanted to have a sparkly look and added lights and glitter.

2. Editorial Shooting:

Every Couture Gown owns it very own Editorial Look, so yeah.
I took a simple background and colours are pretty dark. I really wanted to catch the eye while looking on it on the beautiful Dior Gown and I guess I did suceed.

Thanks again for the time :)
Yours truly,