Tuesday, December 4

7th Elimination Ceremony

Hello everyone!

First of all, I'm soooo sorry that this whole drama about the delay and the tasks and blah blah blah happened. Before I start talking about anything, I simply have to announce the winner of the 6th challenge. I still haven't done this yet, have I? The winner of task 6 is....
Jody_Cailin! Congratulations, you've made a nice improvement for the last few weeks. I mean, at the beginning you were quite average, but now you present us excellent photos and runway shots. I'm very proud of you and that's why you deserve to be the winner of the (last) week!
Your prize: Your interview will be added to the new issue of the RNTM Backstage Magazine which will be released tomorrow AND you will get a very special feature in the advertisement break during the Finale.

Alright, after 15 (and a half) weeks the moment has come to announce the final three!
To be honest, I'm really disappointed about this 'drama' and also about my decision to give Inessa another chance instead of Flora. Why? Because Inessa simply left Stardoll.


Stupid, just stupid. *sigh*
Anyway, I don't want to lose any more time. Here's my personal decision.
The reason why I gave Clara and Inessa more time is that I was simply shocked that this happened and I didn't know what to do. I thought I could get me some time and see what happens, but as you see, nothing happened. Inessa then told me that she won't come online any longer (which means she's out!) and Clara couldn't upload her tasks.
I was unsure what to do because I've never been in such a situation. But I knew that there won't be any chance for Clara, it was simply unfair to the others.

By the way, this has nothing to do with what the anonymous commenter and some other people said, this is my personal opinion and decision! It is unfair to the others and it was stupid of me to wait and let time pass by. I mean, deadline is deadline. If you can't make it, you're out! And that's why Clara will be eliminated.

Clara, if you read this, I want to tell you that you've been an amazing contestant and I hope you had a fun experience with us. All the best for your future.

Manda, Jody and Nora ... this means you are in the Finale of RNTM Cycle 5!!! Congratulations!!!! :D
Honestly, you really deserve it because everyone of you did an amazing job. Let's have a look at your results:


Wow! Absolutely stunning. I really like your DIY outfit, I don't know what's it all made of but I can recognize a brush, a pillow (which I think I wanted to buy when I was looking through the Starplaza lately) and some other stuff. I only don't like that it's on a runway. Don't get me wrong, it looks adoreable, but the task was to do an editorial photoshoot. Oh well, it isn't that tragic. The make-up looks turned out very well and I simply love the evening gown mixed with the edgy headpiece/wristband.



OMG how amazing! I love love love how you rock the editorial shoot and I like how you created the dress. The make-up looks pretty good and every look fits its theme, I especially love the Ke$ha look. And I think I don't have to tell you how much I love the Versace gown. Manda, you were born for the catwalk!



The blossom has finally become a beautiful flower! Jody, the editorial shooting looks so springey (that isn't even a word XD) and beautiful, although the pose is a little bit lame. The make-up looks turned out pretty decent but still they are very neat, fashion- and wearable. And the runway shot... *_*
A masterpiece! The dress is gorgoues. You've really improved so much and now you really stand out of the crowd! Well done :)

All three of you deserve to be in the Finale. The final tasks will be posted tomorrow. Oh, and there are still two things missing:

Number one; As I made this decision on my own, our special guest judge mathildamath couldn't judge with me. That's why she will be our guest judge in the Finale instead.
Number two; Last time I said the best make-up commercial will be shown in the advertisement break during the Finale. Well, I still gotta announce the winner...
So, the girl who did the make-up best in my opinion will be part of the video commercial I'll be doing for the Finale. And the winner is.....
Manda!!! Congratulations :)

Alright folks, that's all. See you tomorrow. Bye :*


Jody_Cailin said...

Thank you Rafael :)What about the poll? Congratulations Manda!! - for getting in the well-deserved commerial :) Looking forward the next task *.* FINALE *YEAH*

Manda said...

Can't wait for the Finale, OMG, time is passing by so fast! :o
And thanks Mari, congrats to wow! :)

claragoosmann19 said...

Congrats to the other contestants (: Good luck to you (;