Thursday, December 20



Carrie.Rose said...

What can i say? a true masterpiece! I love this, the way you did the different catwalk views is amazing, it really created the illusion that the models were walking down the stage. I loved the song choices too, you must tell me the program you used to create this video :)

Thank you so much again for featuring my Magazine advertisement, it was great to see it in the grand finale and it wasn't as bad as I remembered it being haha.

And of course the entries were amazing, all three girls are really talented. I know who my favourite is by a mile, but i will keep that too myself ;)

ExtvaganceSD said...

Wow, I'm one of the last two girls... I'm sooo exited!!

Manda said...

Oh my god, this is so exciting!!! I can't wait until part 3! :oo

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Carrie: Thank you so much for your nice words!! :3
I'm glad you like it. And haha, you're welcome!! ;)

Manda said...

Oh my Godness!
I can't believe it ... did I really won?! OH MY!
Im so speechless.
Thank you all so so so much.
Thanks Nora and Jody for this great Finale, it was beautiful with you together!
Thanks Rafael for that gorgeous opportunity and for that beautiful cycle.
I thank you all! :)
WOW *-*

Anonymous said...

Congrats Manda :) As for Nora and Jody, you both were amazing! :)

Jody_Cailin said...

Great Finale =) Congratulations Manda - you are truly amazing ♥ I am glad for coming to the great finale.

The only thing i was wondering about is our final tasks didn't really seem to count, since you don't show them anywhere.

The videos are georgous. i have never seen anything like this around stardoll. And the music choices are quite good!

Cathérine Cerise said...

Congrats Manda! You deserve it!

Good work, Rafi! The videos were really good! There are only some little aspects I didn't like that much, for example what Jody said, that you didn't tell our (the jury's) opinion on Jody's tasks and that only mandas entries were shown (one could easily guess she had won :D), I would have liked to see the tasks of all 3 girls. But overall, amazing job! The cover is gorgeous and so is the part with the finalists flying down.

xoxo cathy

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Jody and Cathy:
The final tasks really DID count and I really wanted to include them and give some advice, but I had found myself having not enough time to include them.
I'm really sorry that I couldn't include them, but don't worry, I will show them in a very special Best-Of Video next week!! ;)

Btw, thanks everyone that you like my videos, it was hard work. :)

Jody_Cailin said...

@cathy & @ Rafi:
But wasn't (you)cathy the special guest judge for the finale? So actually she should have already seen and given critics the tasks?!

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

I think you have missunderstood something. Cathy has seen and judged all the final entries, but I guess she also wanted her critic to be seen in the video. That's all. ;)

The Lightweight said...

Hi! The videos are great! Finally someone had a new and original ideia.. Because everyone are doing magazines of stardoll, competions of graphics of stardoll, but noone has ever done a competition for models of stardoll with videos!! And they were really good, I bet they gave you lots of hard work, but I think they worth the hard work because they're all amazing! I loved the music choises. Can't wait to see the next Rafae'l Next Top Model because I really wanna join it!

XOXO, EllieCase

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Jody: You really missunderstood me ;) Of course I have judged all entries! I just meant that the arguments we exchanged in messages could have been mentioned in the video to make the decision clearer and avoid conspiracy theories... just joking about the last part :D

xoxo Cathy

ExtvaganceSD said...

Hei:) Congrats to Manda, really well deserved!!! I have to say, that the videos are amazing and I'm really glad to got the chance being part of this... I learned a lot and I think I really improved my skills...

Manda said...

Thank you Nora and to the other ones, who congratulated me! :* :))
It was a great thing to be in the Top 2 with you ,Nora, and I have to say I loved your entries pretty much aswell! :)

19Sara99 said...

Congratulations to Manda!! You were my peronal favourite,but Nora and Jody were fantastic as well! And Rafi,good work,I love the videos and the appropriate music for these moments! !! Best Cycle ever!! :D

Jody_Cailin said...

ah ok :) yes i would have loved to see the critics :) and good to see now thatyou have added it - i am glad :)