Tuesday, December 25

Cycle 5 Finale - Review

Hello everybody!
I'm back with a very special Christmas post... the review of this season's Finale.
All I can say is that the Finale was a blast. It was a lot of fun making the videos although it was soooo much work. All three finalists were stunning, each in her own way. Nevertheless only one could be the winner, and after an enormously hard decision, MandaMichalka became the winner of RNTM.
Let's have a look at the finalist's last task entries though ;)
I'm gonna start with the 3rd place, Jody_Cailin!

In my opinion they were pretty good, but not the strongest ones. The scenery and the dessous editorial photo were really well done, but the snake shoot was a bit lacking in quality and creativity. it wasn't outstanding enough to convince the judges, that's why we all saw her on the third place.

The next one is our runner-up, ExtravaganceSD ... 

Nora's tasks were absolutely amazing. Very creative and a big improvement compared to her previous tasks. My personal favorite is the snake shoot, the idea was very very creative. The dessous shoot and the scenery were truly fabulous, too. But when I looked closer at the scenery, I didn't feel like she had just won RNTM. It more looked like a famous actress who had win the Oscar. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful, but it didn't feel like RNTM.

Anyway, let's go on with the winner.. MandaMichalka:

Stunning photos! Just as lovely as Nora's entries, although I have to say the scenery and the dessous shoot weren't as strong as Nora's photos. What I really liked about the scenery was that it really felt like RNTM - the spotlights, the cover, the rose-petals, etc. It really shouts "This is my moment, this is me!" 

You see, I really couldn't decided who the winner shall be. Manda or Nora, Manda or Nora. Two of five judges were rooting for Nora, two of five judges were rooting for Manda. So, it remained my decision who I should announce as the winner. 
So why did I choose Manda? I kept thinking for a long time. The reason why I saw Manda on top is because she was just amazing throughout the whole cycle. From the very beginning until the finale, she has always been one of the best. Somehow she still managed to get better from week to week, at every task she became a little better. Especially in the semi-finale she managed to do such amazing and outstanding tasks! She became winner of the week twice in a row and she also would have been winner of the week at the 5th task, but unfortunately she sent in her entries too late at that time. 
Anyway, I can say that the final decision was very hard and very close, but after all Manda is a well deserved winner. :)

You think it's unfair? You think Nora was better this time?? To be honest, I think so too. It would be really unfair if Nora would just get nothing after she put so much love and effort into her work. That's why I decided to reward our runner-up with some very special prizes.....

Nora, you will get an exclusive contract with Sparkle Model Management, 50 Stardollars and your very own editorial photo series for the Spring issue of CROWN magazine!!! Congratulations Nora!! :3

Thank you very much for reading this post and also thank you for watching the whole cycle. It was a lot of fun and there will definitely be a 6th cycle. The applications will be avaliable next year in January. I will also publish a Best-Of video this Saturday. Stay tuned!


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