Wednesday, December 5

The Final Tasks!

Hello everyone!!

The time has finally come, these are the last three tasks for the three remaining contestants. I'm very excited.
By the way, in the last elimination ceremony I didn't tell you the voting results. So here they are.

Overall, 37 people voted (which isn't very much in my opinion, but still ...). As you can see, the majority voted for Manda which makes her the one with the biggest fan base.
Speaking of voting, there's another poll in the side-bar. There you can vote who you think will become the winner. The results will be shown in the Finale. So start to vote! Don't forget, the contestant with the biggest fan-base will get the most applause in the Finale ;)
Note: The results won't influence the final decision in any way.

Alright, so here are your tasks for this week!!

Winner Scenery

Yepp, it's about to do a scenery - good old basics. As you know, the winner of Cycle 5 will be on the Front-Page-Scenery of Topmodels.Club, and it's your task to create it. All you have  to do it create a scenery with a dark background and your doll is posing in the center of all the spotlights. Imagine you have just won the Finale; you feel eased, you are happy, proud, jumping around...
The scenery should capture this moment of joy and victory. The scenery MUST be done in Topmodels.Club (otherwise I can't add it to the front page). And don't forget about an outstanding pose. ;)

Dessous Catwalk Show

This will actually be a very special task. Why? Because it will be split into two parts. Sounds confusing, but here's te idea behind it: It's about a dessous outfit which will be presented in an editorial shooting and on the runway of the Finale (which I will do the graphics for). Okay, this really sounds confusing, so I'll explain it to you.

You have to create a dessous outfit, which means sexy lingery combined with fierce high heels, platforms or Litas, maybe also a pair of transparent stockings and of course some gorgeous accessories. One part of this task to present that outfit in an editorial shooting. You can get inspired by some Victoria's Secret shootings you find on the internet.
The second part of the task is to save the outfit (just the outfit, without the doll) on a transparent background (save it as .png!).
Why do you have to do this? Because I'll use your outfit in my graphics because each of you will present this outfit in the Finale on December 15th during the dessous catwalk show!! :D

Animal Photoshoot

We haven't done an animal photoshoot for quite a long time now. I think the last time was in Cycle 3 with a dog. Haha! Anyway, the photo you have to create will be an ad campaign for a bag. And for this photoshoot you'll have a very very special parter.... a SNAKE!

The whole photoshoot is based on this Alexander McQueen ad campaign:

On the photo you should pose together with a snake, wearing fashionable clothes and of course a lovely bag. Everything shall be very colorful like in the picture above. Keep the background simple!
But don't forget that it's about the bag, so try to make it an eye-catcher. I know you will do it ;)

DEADLINE: Wednesday, December 12th

If you have any questions, please ask me!

xoxo Rafael


Jody_Cailin said...

I hate snakes -.- and now i have to look on pictures of snakes :/ yes i am that person that can't look camly through an insect-book...every page a new creature starring at you *uuugh* Well Good Luck for you :) See you in the finale *.*

Rafi101 said...

@Jody: Oh sorry, I didn't know that. But I guess this makes it the perfect challenge for your haha ;D
As a real model you sometimes have to do things that you don't really like but you have to advertise the product. ^.^

Jody_Cailin said...

Yeah and i thought to make me feel better "At least no spiders that would be worse"....but to get some inspiration i normally use google photos...yep and there are these icky snakes biting people and following there are also shown monster spiders :(

Manda said...

Should we only take 1 snake or can we take a huge amount of snakes, like on the picture? :)

Manda said...

And moreover, beause of the outfit we have to save at png alone...
Are we then allowed to add handgloves and wings or is that problematic for you as you have to do the graphic dessou pose.

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Manda: There can be as many snakes as you want to have. ;)
For the outfit... if you really wish to wear a wig of your choice at the finale, the you can of course include it. Gloves can be kinda tricky, it depends if they are in one simple colour or if they have a detailed pattern, but you can add them to the outfit! :D

Manda said...

ok great :))

and seconnd point i dont really understand...
so i can add wings and gloves?

Rafael/Rafi101 said...


Whoops, sorry I didn't notice that you wrote wings, I read wigs. xD
Um, well no, wings ain't supposed to be included in the outfit. But if you want to use a veil/train instead of wings this will be okay :)

Manda said...

ahh ok.
last question:
cann I add wings to the catwalk and editorial shooting but the png without wings?

or no wings at all?


Rafael/Rafi101 said...

What do you mean with "can I add wings to the catwalk"? You ain't doing anything on the catwalk for now, this is my part of the task! lol
(You probably know that already but I just want to make sure..)

I see you really want to have some wings. Okay, you can wear wings at the editorial shooting, but don't add then to the png picture ;)

Hope that was your last question now! Just kidding :D

Manda said...

Okay, ses now i understand. xD hahaha
Okay, yay, i can add wings to editorial shoot!
I will save the outfit in png without wings :)

Yes, was my last question, thanks :)


ExtvaganceSD said...

Hei:) Do we have to put our Doll in clothes for the snake-shooting?? Because I'm ready with this part of the task, but my Doll is naked and covered with snakes... Hope this is also right... if you want us to dress the dolls, please tell me as soon as possible, so I can change my shoot by time!!
Yours, Nora

ExtvaganceSD said...

Here are my entries:
1. Winner Scenery
- here's just the link... it's also with a few words in the club

2. Dessous Catwalk Show:

just the outfit:

I tried to make my Doll look sexy, fierce but also innocent and playful, that's why I didn't keep the lingerie completely black and why I added the yellow elements. I hope you can add the transparent Stockings for the catwalk, because I didn't know how you'll put the legs.

3. Snake-Shoot:
- I decided to focus the bag (McQueen-Clutch out of snake leather) by showing my Doll completely naked covered with snakes. Because of the color of the bag, I decided to not use too shrill colors for the snake... I also added parts of snakeskin on the body of my Doll, to show, that she herself is becoming one of this amazing creatures by wearing the clutch...

I really hope you like my entries.. because I put a lot of days of work into creating them.
Yours, Nora

Jody_Cailin said...

I am so sorry, but i probably won't be able to do the tasks in time. :(

Jody_Cailin said...

Here's the editorial dessous shoot:

And the outfit:

Manda said...

So finally here are my entries. :)

Here's a picture of the scenery I did in the club again, a description about it is in the comments. :)

Snake Shooting:

I went for a sexy, dangerous Alexander McQueen Ad Campaign. I used green colours and gray-green snakes to focus on the bag. If you have a seconnd look you may recognize that the doll is laying in an "A" which belongs to "...lexander McQueen". Everything was meant to look like McQueen as he performances snakes perfect in his creations.

Moreover I did a little spot matching to the Ad:

Dessou Editorial Shooting:
(its big so you can zoom in it)

So I've choosen the beautiful Fantasy Bra from Victoria's Secrets and added some own ieas/details of mine. I've choosen a matching background with some pillows and rose patels. My idea was to create a secudting, sensual, sexy look.

The outfit alone:

I hope you like my entries and have fun watching on them :)
Maybe this sounds now sooo corny, but I think its time to say that... :D
No matter, how the Big Finale ends, the whole Cycle was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and I truthly enjoyed it to enter this competition and to fight with all the other great, beautiful contestants for RNTM Cycle 5. I love you all! :) ♥


Jody_Cailin said...

Here's my winner scenery:

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Manda: I tried to open the link with the complete dessous shooting but all imgur tells me is "404 not found". Could you maybe check the link?

Manda said...

@Cathy, thats pretty weird, as it opens for me? :/ Did u maybe typed the wrong link or something like this?

MssUnitedStates said...

It opens to me too (sorry for joining the conversarion lime this)

Jody_Cailin said...

Here's the snake task:

Again i want to apologize for being that late.

@Manda: I am also not able to open the link.

Jody_Cailin said...

I tried again and Mandas link worked.

Here's the flower headband from the editorial shoot:

Cathérine Cerise said...

I tried it again and it works now... really weird since I definitely entered the same link some hours ago but well..

Manda said...

@Cathy: Yeah nowadays imgur links arent very reliable. But I'm glad it works now. :) Sorry for having problems with it. :)

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Manda: Well I am able to open it :33