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Wow, I think I will never ever announce a post with a specific date/time because let's be honest, I'll always fail on being punctual. Stupid me ...

Ooh hello there everyone! :D
Can you believe it? We've reached the Finale! *scream*
I'm not gonna lie, I'm super duper excited, that's why I will no longer waste any more time with babbling and just tell you the tasks ...


Modeling isn't what it once used to be - which is a good sign. I mean, a few years ago, posing in your own sceneries was considered as "modeling". Now there's a whole empire of blogs, magazines and fashion lines featuring endless amounts of models.
But as every year, we'll go back to the roots of modeling. And this is your task:
Go to Topmodels.Club and create a scenery. Imagine you've just won Cycle 6. All spotlights are on you and you're taking center stage. What would you feel like? What are you wearing? Try to catch the feeling and the emotions in your picture and make this moment of victory eternal!
Remember, if you win, your scenery will grace the presentation of the club until a new winner is found (which is actually a long time), so give your best! :)


This is probably the most important task of all three - and the most difficult. As this cycle's Finale is all based on outer space, our very last photoshoot will be based on Katy Perry's music video E.T.
Your location will be the moon! And you'll be shooting in an extravagant alien-like haute couture dress with an extraordinary hairstyle and a galactic make-up. The look is completely up to you - wether you make it metallic or rather fairy-themed, as long as it makes you feel like you're in outer space. Here's the music video which shall be your main inspiration:

And two pictures for make-up ideas :)


If any of you doesn't know it yet, I'm quite obsessed with The Legend Of Zelda. Seriously, I'm obsessed!! I've recently played through Twilight Princess again and I couldn't resist of including this in a task of RNTM. Oops x)

Don't worry, you don't have to be a Zelda-freak like me, it's just about the outfit. So in this story there are basically two realms: the normal world and the shadow realm. You see, there's a badass weirdo from the shadow realm called Zant who wants to take over Hyrule kingdom (which is located in the normal world) by turning it into a shadow world. Now there's of course the hero who has to fight Zant, save princess Zelda and bring the light back to the world with the help of the light spirits.
Whoa, did you say light spirits? Bingo!!

I can imagine that you're asking yourself what a Zelda game has got to do with the Finale. Well, do you remember the Finale of Cycle 5? One of the final tasks was to create an outfit that would be presented in the live show. Guess what, we're gonna do it again!
This time the outfit is for the Top 13 Walk. The walk will be based on said game and the whole light versus shadow theme! While all the eliminated girls will wear shadow-themed outfits, you three will be representing the light spirits.

So this is your task:
Create a dress inspired by the light spirits of Twilight Princess. You may also use some princess Zelda influences. Here are some pictures to get you inspired!

You don't have to do a pose or anything; you can use this mannequin to design your outfit.

Credits for this mannequin goes to Jack aka queendetox!!

Click it to view it in full size and save it on your computer. It's actually a very big file, it has about the size I need for the graphics that will be used for the live show!
When you're done with your outfit, save it without (!) the mannequin as PNG-file and send the link as usual in a comment. 

DEADLINE: Sunday, September 1st

I hope this is enough time for you, I really hope you'll be punctual. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me. I wish everyone of you the best of luck from the bottom of my heart!!!

xoxo Rafael


Aeon_Flux_96 said...

OH MY! The tasks are just A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
I'm looking forward to see the entries of the girls!

Anonymous said...

If anyone has the most creative task ideas, it's with a doubt, you ;) I can't wait to get started!

Reina said...

Amazing Tasks!!

Mangunmeetan said...

Rafael, you are so creative! :O These tasks are amazing xD Can't wait to begin ! ^-^

Roxanne Gonzalez said...


SuperMiaStar said...

So good! So creative! So cool! I cannot wait to see the work of the girls (;

Good luck to Mangun, Lindsey and Reina (:

Beth a.k.a. heyzadiva said...

I can't wait!
Good luck everyone!

Reina said...

My entries, good luck!



The Spirit I choose is Eldin.
Eldin is the Spirit of Light who protects the Eldin Province in Twilight Princess. The spirit takes a winged form, presumably that of an owl or other type of bird, and resides in Eldin Spring in Kakariko Village.

Eldin outfit with Mannequin:

Eldin Outfit without Mannequin:


Reina said...

I don´t know why but IMGUR doesn´t let upload the image without the mannequin in .png, also tinypic gave me an error, so I upload into
Here´s the link:

Eldin without mannequin .png:


Anonymous said...

Phewf! I am officially done!
Thanks again for allowing me to turn things in a day late, Rafi... hopefully the following make up for turning my stuff in past the due date ;)


This - hands down - is my absolute favorite entry of all of RNTM. You won't believe how long it took me to do some research on the internet, and it turned out there was hardly any alien-esque references on google. The ones that were fairly decent weren't even a full body, which was what I was steering away from. So, in the end, a simple flowy dress ref came into play, and it was up to me transform my medoll into an alien. In addition, I found a ton of the alien inspired photoshoots to make aliens as odd, which is the polar opposite of our main inspiration - Katy Perry's ET - in which she (presumably) tried to make aliens as beautiful creatures. Hopefully, I portrayed that well. It's kinda funny, since I personally, don't believe in the concept of aliens... lol. With the help of some brushes, I made the background myself - I actually am quite fond of the outcome.
Also, I thought you should know this was my second attempt at the same reference picture, since the first try lead to a corrupt file (four + hours down the drain! meh...) so in a total, this took at least ten hours to make. I think those hours were spent well. AND hopefully you do too! ;)


Something - I, personally - feel I seem to excel in is the concept of simplicity, and this is the epitome of just that. Coming from a background of little to no Zelda experience (I may of played it once... and for only a few minutes at best, lol) I wanted to do something that would at least seem like I understood the game. Don't think I did a great job in that department, but hopefully it will match to par. Of course, mine is no where as extravagant as Virginia's (well done, in that regard!), I still love mine none the less. Though, what I did add that really adds the light spirit factor of things is the earrings - I noticed the ball-like thing (I'm sure saying that just defined my limited knowledge regarding the game) that glowed was in each image of the light spirits hands, and wanted to incorporate that into my design. They glow too, especially when put up against a dark background, it looks awesome! :P I also wanted to let you know, when you put the outfit on the runway, feel free to hide one earring under a piece of hair, use only one, or use both of them - whatever you think looks best! ;)
Also, I thought you should know:
I'm crap at making my own outfits without a reference, but when I went out to do my outfit, I didn't want to flat out copy a reference, but I didn't want it to be harmful to the eye either, so I came up with a hopefully innovative solution. The dress is actually made up of multiple other dress designs from numerous designers, which is sort of a cool idea in retrospect. I know it's not completely mine, but it still isn't someone else's either anymore. I thought it made the dress quite a bit more interesting in that regard. Hopefully you do too! ;)

To end on a sweet note, I just wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to continue throughout this entire competition. I know I had some weaker entries, and hopefully I redeemed myself throughout these past two tasks. Can't wait for the finale! I just know it's going to be amazing!

*annddd... publish*

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, but I modified the runway task a bit... I like this one a lot better - even though I only did the belt :P

Reina said...

@lindsey: Your entries are amazing!! The alien photoshoot is FABULOUS!!!!!!

Mangunmeetan said...

Anonymous said...

@Reina: Aw, thank you so much! Your entries are stunning! I love the runway outfit, especially! It's so fierce! :D Good luck with the finale, and to Mangun too! :D I'll be extremely humbled in whomever wins. You both are gems, and I'm so happy to have met you! Good luck xx