Saturday, November 9

The Moment Has Come ...

... to reveal the winner of RNTM Cycle 6!
Here is it, your invitation to a show of your lifetime!

This is it. The official schedule, and we're ready to let the show begin. 
By the way, I deleted some of my previous posts as I wanted to have a "clean" blog archive. Haha x)

Hope I'll see you at the Finale!
Who do you think will win? Mangun, Lindsey or Virginia?!

xoxo Rafael


LoveGossip4life said...

Aw, I don't think I'll be able to make it! *cries*

I'm on vacation for the weekend, so I may not be able to see the results until Tuesday. Though, chances are I'll be able to watch it tonight, so whatever the results might be, I won't be logging onto stardoll until I've seen the results! lol

I wish the best of luck to Mangun and Virginia! Our time has officially arrived!

Vana Alexander / Jovana8 said...

I guess you didn't even know, but thats a great Birthday Present, Rafi :D *-* But i think i can't take part :(