Saturday, November 9

I Need Your Help!!!

Guys, this is an emergency!!
So besides that I have some technical problems with the Top 13 Walk and the "Powers of the Earth"-Walk, there's something I need to show you ...

I started uploading Part 1 of the Finale one and a half hour ago (6pm GMT), now look at this ...

Part one durates about 20 minutes. 
It has been uploading for one and a half hour now ...

Now imagine I still have to upload Part 2 and 3. We can't sit here for hours and do nothing! Or can we?

Please tell me, what should I do:
  1. Should the Finale take place tonight and the videos will be added to the post as soon as they are uploaded - which would mean I'd have to sit here until 4 or 5am - or 
  2. Should I wait until tomorrow - when all 3 parts are completely uploaded and the issues with the Top 13 Walk video are fixed - and publish the videos tomorrow evening?!

Please give me the answer in comments. Thank you for your understanding, your love and your support!!
xoxo Rafael ♥

So I've decided to wait until Wednesday evening so I'll have enough time to fix the flaws within the videos and upload them completely. By the way, I still couldn't figure out what went wrong with the Top 13 Walk, so I decided to re-do it.
I've definitely learnt my lesson: Never ever announce something if you aren't done by 100% ... like, never ever! Otherwise you'll have to delay it again and again.

I've updated the post below, scroll down to few the new schedule. Let's keep our fingers crossed that everything will work out. But I'm sure this time it will work .. I mean, it has to! If not, I'll just announce the winner in a post.

xxx ♥


TanyaWalford said...

Tomorrow Rafi. Better for you :) And it's just one day more! But what time would it be in colombia, south america?

Anonymous said...

You definitely need the rest, Rafi. I'm more than okay if you wait another day. It's no where near your fault that the video takes ages to upload. A day really isn't all that horrible. After all, we've been waiting for months for it, so a day is heaven in my eyes! lol

Mangunmeetan said...

Yup yup, take all the time you need Rafi! Lets do it tomorrow :) No worries!

Mangunmeetan said...

Rafi, why don't you try uploading to youtube? Its much easier :O

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

I don't upload to Youtube due to 2 reasons:
1. It takes almost longer to upload than on Dailymotion
2. GEMA blocks nearly all my videos in Germany because of the music and songs I'm using!

Beth Elencia (heyzadiva) said...

This may sound totally selfish but I'm happy it's delayed. I didn't even know it was planned. Also I probably wouldn't have been able to come in the first place. But it's great that you're not going to work yourself sick on it, I know from experience that is NEVER a good thing. And look at it this way, the more time you have the better it'll be!

I cannot wait until Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

YAY! Now I'll actually be available to come online, then! :D

Vana Alexander / Jovana8 said...

Like i said, great Birthday Present :3 But i guess thats why i can't take part :(

Stardoll Callie said...

What video editor do u use?