Saturday, August 3

6th Challenge - Semi-Finals

Hello everyone!

At first I would like to announce the winner of the week. So our Top 3 this week are Aeon_Flux_96, LoveGossip4Life and mangunmeetan. You three were all very good, but one of you still did it best. So Cathy, Manda and I discussed and we made the following decision: The winner of the week is .....

Lindsey!! Congratulations, you got back to your good old levels compared to the last task and that's why you are now the winner of the week. But .. I personally still have something to say. I was so surprised and happy about the big improvement of Giselle, that's why you are also the winner of the week!!
Congratulations to you. You both will grace the spoiler for the big Finale of RNTM Cycle 6.

Alright ladies, here are the tasks for the semi-finals ...

Hair Commercial

This will be a commercial for any hair product you choose. The main thing about a hair commercial is to present the product in the best way possible. That's why your hair of course has to be shiney, wavey and full of volume!
Best example for hair commercials is probably Heidi Klum. Here are some pictures to inspire you.

Now you have to do two shots: One graphic which will be a plain beauty shot with focus on the hair, without advertising the product. The other photo should be a second graphic with a slogan and the product you want to advertise! Update: By that, I mean two different graphics!!
Here we have a Stardoll version of a hair ad campaign by Vogue Magazine.

Again, don't forget to think about a good slogan. The product you want to advertise is completely up to you, you can even invent your own! By the way, the one who does it best will get her commercial featured in the advertisement break during the Finale, so give your best!!!

Editorial Photoshoot

We haven't had an editorial photoshoot for a while now, so I guess it's time for another one! But this time, it's gonna be different because it's just about your natural beauty. Can you already guess it? It's gonna be a naked editorial photoshoot! And you will shoot at a wonderful location ... a tropical waterfall! Doesn't this sound beautiful? 
Now some of you might be afraid of a naked photoshoot, but don't worry, it's gonna be aesthetical and very professional! Be sensual, be natural, be beautiful!

Inspiration for poses:

Inspiration for your location:

Lady Gaga Runway Task

And now something to make you come out of your comfort zone. A very special runway show! You definitely know who Lady Gaga is, right? (If not, then get the fuck out of here, lol)
She's a fashion icon and has a veeery extravagant style. Now it's your turn to pick any outfit/look of Lady Gaga and re-create it. Pick the look you loved the most and do your own interpretation of it. Present it on the runway confidently and with an extravagant pose. 
And this will be your runway ...

You must present the outfit on this runway (just save the image on your computer). Now you might think "Oh my, the runway seems kinda dark to me." Well, then why not add some spotlights? Remember, this is your moment and all the focus is on YOU!!

DEADLINE: Saturday, 10th August

I'd suggest that you start right away with the tasks so you can make it on time. I wish all of you good good luck as this is a very important challenge ... after all, we're in the semi-finals and it's up to you if you get into the Finale or not, so come out of your comfort zone and give your fucking best!!
If you have any questions, just ask me.

xoxo Rafael


Aeon_Flux_96 said...

OH MY! Thank you so much! You don't know how happy I am right now *-*
The tasks are SO awesome! I love them!

Mangunmeetan said...

Omg, thats really early :o Can you postpone the deadline maybe? xM

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Mangun: I'm sorry, but as the Finale is set to be on August 24th, there won't be any possibility to postpone the deadline. Please please try to make it on time, I know you can do it! (IF not, then you shall have one more day)

Aeon_Flux_96 said...

I have a question about the Lady Gaga Runway Task... Do we have to pick a look/outfit of gaga and make it exactly like exactly or we choose a look/outfit and we make like our own version of it? :')

Mangunmeetan said...

@Rafi: I'll try super hard!

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Giselle: You pick a look/outfit from Lady gaga and make your own version :D

Viviana Ardiles said...
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Aeon_Flux_96 said...

I finished my Task(s) Here they are:

First Part a:

First Part b:

Second Part:

Third Part: For this task I used (as inspiration) this look of Lady Gaga: and this is my 'interpretation' of it:
(A bigger version of it so you can see it (? )

Reina said...

My entries. =)
Hair Commercial

Editorial Photoshoot

Lady Gaga Runway Task

Bonus Track (Gaga Runway)

Rei =)

Anonymous said...

Huh, turns out I didn't need any extra time! Anyhow, I finally completed all four graphics, and I'm quite thrilled with the results! You asked for boundaries pushed, and that's (hopefully) what I did!


Part One~

Part Two~

So for the hair commercial I wanted to have a little fun with an already "existing" brand of mine, which is HAUTE cosmetics. Now, you can get clarifying shampoo, too! :P I definitely think the hair is the highlight of both, and I'm definitely most proud of that aspect. Hopefully you'll enjoy my ad as much as I do!


For this task, I really wanted to capture the beauty of the nude. I didn't want something especially revealing (I felt like I was in a freaking porn movie! lol), and I didn't want something too understated, either. I think this truly defines the middle. You'll also notice I did a side view, instead of the traditional front view. This was definitely a huge risk, as any other attempt I've made at a side view was definitely less than perfect. I think I finally conquered that feat in this task. Also, I left her face bare of makeup, as that's another factor of "raw beauty" I wanted to keep. Finally, I made the background myself, as there was no waterfalls (except for that crap starpoint reward) on stardoll. I think it paid off in my graphic, as it looks really (in my opinion) mystical, and overall added to the graphic.


I'm not going to lie: this is probably my weakest entry of the total. None the less, I chose an outfit of LG's that wasn't too overdone, as many of hers are. Meaning no disrespect, but I just found this outfit (and especially hair) extremely trashy. In my opinion, many of Lady Gaga's outfits allude just that. Howbeit, I'm really happy with the dress, as originally it was a one piece "jumpsuit" if you will. I took that, and made a flowy dress, so it appealed to the less than daring (thus including myself). It's much more wearable, which I especially love. However, the lady gaga factor couldn't go unnoticed, so I added the infamous mickey shades, plus I added the same print to the dress for that "wow" factor. Could it be more risky? Sure. Enjoy, none the less.

Mangunmeetan said...

I'm adding the tasks as soon as I'm finishing them :)
Hope I'm not too late D;

Reina said...

Hi, I had a problem with my photoshop, that´s why I´m adding the Gaga Runway Photoshop again, with the correct quality:

Gaga Runway:

So so sorry, please look this one, because is the correct one.