Thursday, August 1

5th Elimination Ceremony

Hello everyone!

So I'm honestly disappointed and slightly pissed off because this post took so damn long to be written. I apologize that it took so long, it's unbelievably embarrassing and a No-Go to let you all wait for so long. I mean, for how long did we all have to wait? Three weeks? Four weeks?? The answer is: Way to long! Cathy still (!) hasn't replied yet, that's why only me and Manda will judge this task.

Let's not waste any more time, the Semi-Finals are waiting for us and one person still has to leave us. Here are the long awaited results ...


Again, you did a marvelous job. I love the kimono, the hair and the lotus flower in your hair. Graphicwise I don't have any major complaints, my only concern that the feet look kinda cut off and that we don't really get to see the runway properly.
I like the kimono and the lotus flower in your hair as well, the rest is quite boring, though. The pose is okay, nothing spectacular. I also find the background rather boring. Soon you are in the semi-finals and it's time to create your own runway! The feet look weird to me, especially because they look kinda cut off, as Rafael already mentioned. It looks like you didn't want to take a risk on doing feet or shoes.
Dear Mangun, you need to come out of your comfort zone if you want to make it into the Finale. Nevertheless, you did a great job and that's why you get a chance to prove us what you can ... Congratulations, you are in the semi-finals!!!


You really improved this time! I think you did a good job on he outfit and I love the traditional updo with the chopsticks in your hair. I only don't like the shoes and the skin shading could have been better, as well. The runway look so utterly boring, it's quite a shame.
I agree, you really improved. I love your outfit, but the catwalk is a letdown. All in one a good result, you showed us some potential for the very first time. Nevertheless, I'm a bit worried, can you keep up with the other contestants? I don't know.
I don't know either. That's why I can't tell you the decision right now, Alexandra. I'm sorry, but you are in the Bottom 2 again!


I like the runway, it fits the theme very well. I also think you did a good job ob the kimono and the hair. But, I do recognize the runway pose. I don't know, it seems like you just took the pose from the last task, edited a bit and changed the clothes and the runway. Carrie, you really have to come out of your comfort zone, otherwise you won't have a chance to win this competition.
Everything fits together very well. When I look at your outfit I directly start thinking about Japan - very beautiful! But somehow the WOW-factor is missing. You should more work on your tasks to make them extraordinary and outstanding.
Carrie ..... you will be given another chance. Congratulations, you are in the semi-finals!!


Wow, you have improved a lot since the last time. Your shading technique is so much better now compared to your previous tasks! I think the outfit came out more than great, it isn't a traditional kimono but very youthful and fresh. I love the runway, especially the fact that you used a different perspective. You still have to work on your hair and skin shading. Also, the right arm looks a weird, it's like you are hiding it behind your back. Other than that, it's gorgeous! To be honest, this is one of my personal favorites this time.
Rafael, I don't agree with you in all points. Giselle, it's true, you really improved compared to the last task and I can see a big improvement in the shading of the top, but the rest of the outfit isn't very appealing. The top kinda looks uncomfortable because it looks like a brick around the busty and at the shoulders. Also, I wonder where the arms are moving. I mean, the seem to disappear behind the top and you don't see the rest. Even if you had your hands in the pockets, you would still see the hands at your legs or the ellbows how they buckle in, if you get what I mean. BUT, I loooove the catwalk, definitely the most beautiful of the week! 
Well, even though there were some flaws in this shot, I can still see the effort you put into it and I'm more than happy to tell you that you are in the semi-finals. Congratulations!!


So the first thing I notice here is ... the flat chest!! I'm sorry but all I can say about the chest is eww. It looks very masculine, so you didn't shade that part very well. :-/
The runway is super boring, the hair isn't my cup of tea either. However, the kimono turned out very fashionable! I love the minimalistic, yet trendy vibe of it.
Hmm, I don't like it. In my opinion you missed the theme because I can definitely not recognize anything that reminds me of Japan. I don't like the outfit at all and the hair looks the same every week - like plasticine. Virginina, I know you have potential, but you have to show it! This week it might get tight for you ...
I don't know what to do with you right now. I'm sorry to tell you but you are in the Bottom 2!


Lindsey!! Finally a good graphic from you again!! ... that would have been my first reaction if it really was an outstanding graphic, but no, my jaw didn't drop. Sorry! :-/
The head too big, the hair shading is way too dark (but you already know that) and the hands look weird to me. But don't worry, there are some positive things to mention, though. I love your idea of the outfit. It has that typical asian floral pattern but still it's modern, feminine and wearable. I also like the runway which brings the japanese vibe. It's just a pity that the picture is rather small.
WOW, you are my personal favorite this week. I love the outfit and the catwalk. The shoes are definitely a highlight in this outfit. Everything totally reminds me of Japan. The hair, however, look weird. Nevertheless you are back on your old level. Stay strong!!
Lindsey, I know you are a strong contestant and I know you have a loooot of potential. I hope you can blow me away next time, though. See you in the semi-finals, my dear! ;)


So who has to go? Alexandra or Virginia?
Virginia, you've actually been quite good until now, but all of a sudden you are in the Bottom 2. It's actually a real shame that you take a step back, especially because we're so close to the Finale.
Alexandra, you managed to improve compared to the last time, and I can tell you that you are a good model. You have the look, you have the determination and you have potential. You are a good model. But I don't think that it is enough to be a Topmodel. Alexandra, .... Manda and I made a decision. And I'm am very sorry about this, but your journey ends here.
I really hope that you enjoyed your time here at RNTM and I want to thank you for being part of this cycle. I wish you all the best for your future!!
Virginia, congratulations, you are in the semi-finals. But remember, this is your last chance to show us what you can - your last chance to get into the Finale!!

That's it for now!! Congratulations again to all our girls who made it into the semi-finals. The tasks as well as the winner of the week will be posted later this day. Stay tuned!!

xoxo Rafael


Mangunmeetan said...

Thank you for your critique. I'm going to work my ass off next time! :)

Aeon_Flux_96 said...

OH MY! Honestly I didn't believe that I would pass the task but, wow I'm so happy right now!! Thanks so much, im gonna keep improving for the next task! :'D

Reina said...

OMG!! Thank you so much.
The hair is making me crazy.
I will do my best for the next task.
Thanks for this new opportunity.
Manda, Rafi, both of you made me so happy today =)

LoveGossip4life said...

YESS! *jumps up and down like a wild man* thank you so much for giving me another chance! Now you know why my graphics were irregular and bleh... cause' the surprise of HAUTE :P for those reasons unfortunately I had to zip through other priorities (such as RNTM). But now that I'm pretty much free until the end of the month or so, I'll be putting a maximum amount of effort into the following tasks :)