Thursday, May 2

2nd Elimination Ceremony

Hello everyone!
Finally, here are the results of Task 2. I really wanted to post this earlier, but judging can take some time, especially if there's something you don't have: time! I simply don't have any chance to go to my computer before 9pm because I have to work so much for school right now and it's really exhausting if there are always some people saying "Come on, where are the results, don't let us wait so long".
Well, I can't change it, so please just bare with me. Thanks for your patience, though :)

Anyway, before I start the ceremony, I want you to know that eugenia.g.s. decided to leave this competition. Okay, now each contestant will now get her personal feed-back by all of the judges which are Cathy, Manda and me. 


Wow, I have to say this is a great photo, great swimsuit and a big improvement compared to last week! I'm really impressed. Make-up isn't really matching in this case and you have to work on your hair. wua
Beautiful photo, beautiful bikini, everything looks sensual. I agree with Rafael, your improvement is enourmous! I don't like the hair either, but all in one well done.
I agree, but what effect did you use on the belly? It looks like thousands of folds. Another hair color would have been great, too.
Well, my dear, all three of us are really happy with your work. This means you are in the next round. Congratulations!!


Wow! What a stunning photo! Great pose, gorgeous bikini, even the make-up fits in the theme. The hair and the hand could use some work. I only don't like that you used a bikini from Ann Summers, a british fashion label that also sells sex toys.
Rafael, I think that Minh didn't know that Ann Summers is also selling these things, so you can't blame her for that.
I know, but still ...
Anyway, I think that the bikini on the graphic is really beautiful, the pose is very cute, too. All in one everything is very lovely.
I totally agree! The arm and hand could have been more shaded and you still need to work on your hair. Apart from that, it's simply well done :3
Minh, I'm glad to tell you that you are in the next round. Congratulations!


This is definitely a step down compared to last week. The pose and the swimsuit are good, but you really have to work on your shading technique, make the shadows darker. Also the hair, which looks terrible.
I also find the photo quite boring and I can't see the legs properly. And please, use more make-up next time!
To my mind the swimsuit is pretty nice, but the hair looks awful! I also think that the choice of the swimsuit wasn't very clever as I don't get a summer feeling when looking at it.
It actually isn''t the worst photo although it's pretty lame. Try harder in the next round, my dear!!


For me, this is one of the best entries! I think your face looks very beautiful on this photo! I love your pose, very sensual and sexy. But seriously, is it only me or can one see your nipples through the swimsuit?! I mean, it is transparent, so ...
Okay, I think this is just wishful thinking, Rafael! I also like this picture, I only wished to see a hair color that goes together with the swimsuit.
Uhh, since when does hair have to match with a piece of clothing?! xD
You know, I don't like the swimsuit, it's way too transparent and I think the breasts are too big and take too much space in the photo. But apart from that, the shoot is very beautiful and I really like the pose.
Rei, I'm very glad to tell you that all three of us want to see you in the next round. Congratulations!


I think that is was a nice idea of sending us a graphic like this - in the perspective of the photographer. I also liked the idea of making a postcard out of it, too.
Nah, I don't really like the postcard version, it rather looks like "Mama, watch me, I'm at the sea" or something like this. But it is definitely is a big improvement. You hardly recognize the face, though because it is so small. It seems like you aren't the main character in this picture, Jovana!
The idea is beautiful, but I think the bikini is boring and the graphic isn't breathtaking, either. I just wish you would have been in the foreground and not the camera. I mean it looks like it is an Ad campaign for a new camera!
Generally I think it is a good photo - I mean, Cavalli is always a good choice. I love the pose and the hair. Jovana, I see some potential in you. I hope you can convince us more at the next task!! ;)


I don't know, I'm not sure about this picture, it isn't really outstanding to me. The hair looks like crap (sorry for being so harsh). I mean, it's obvious that it is dress-up hait, but couldn't you choose a different hairstyle?? I mean, purple hair ... really?!?! BUT there's definitely an improvement compared to last week. It's not my favorite, but I'd like to give you one more chance.
Oh my, the hair looks awful! The swimsuit isn't my cup of tea, either. But I like the legs. Maybe I'd also give you one last chance ...
The hair and the swimsuit don't go together, the colors just look awful together. What were you thinking to choose such a hairstyle? You also should work on your anatomy, the arms are too short and the head seems to be a little too big. Sorry, but for me you are one of the worst.
Misty, Misty, Misty ... you will get one more chance, but you have to prove us that you have potential! Come on, you can do it. Good luck in the next round!


It's a bit disappointing, I actually expected more from you. You didn't really catch the theme because I would NEVER guess that this photo was shot in Monaco. The idea is of course original and very creative, but totally out of place for this task. The graphic itself is very nice, though.
Okay, so you really missed the theme, but the graphic is super, I get a great feeling when looking at it. The only thing that bugs me is that either the neck is too slim or the head is too big.
I like the graphic and the bikini, it's a bit boring, though. I can't see a beach on this picture, nevertheless I find the idea with the bubble very original.
Mangun, next time please try to follow the task given, other than that I can't really complain. So, welcome in the next round. Congratulations!


I think you've also improved a bit. The photo gives me a pleasant summer feeling. I think you still have to work on your graphic skills and also the anatomy. But I'm sure that you have the potential, you simply need to practice!

I agree with you, Rafael. But I don't like the effect that you used on this photo, Juliet! In my opinion only an ad campaign may look like this, not a fashion shoot. I mean, I can't take photos where the same person appears three times on it, haha.
I so agree with Rafael, one definitely gets a summer feeling by looking at this. The hair and the swimsuit are cute, but you have to work on your graphic skills.
Juliet, I think you definitely have something special, you just need to practice. I'm already looking forward to seeing you improve. Congratulations, you are in the next round!


I can definitely see that this graphic is rushed. The right arm looks a bit weird to me, the pose is okay and the hair looks just terrible in my opinion. But I think that you present this stunning swimsuit very well.
The ombre hair looks awful. Generally I like ombre, but not in this neon yellow. Also, the forehead looks too big. But I like the swimsuit and the pose. But still, you could have done so much better!
I love the swimsuit, but I think this photo is lacking of originality. I basically like the hair, although I'm not a fan of the lemon colored dip-dye part. The right arm annoyes me a bit, it seems to be too large and I also think that the pose is not very creative. Nevertheless I like the whole photo.
Lindsey, I've always been a fan of your work but this time your entry wasn't as strong as usual. I hope you will impress us at the next task!


First things first ... Oh my god, the hair!! O.e
The anatomy isn't right in here (the head is too small), the skin tone of the face differs from the body's skin tone which is a shame. And where the hell did the beach of Monaco go? I think this is a BIG step down.
No comment. I literally don't like anything about this graphic although I've really tried to find something positive. I think you aren't ready yet for this business. Take your time to practice your skills and then try it again in the next cycle at RNTM or in another modeling competition.
I don't like it, I can't add anything else.
Leon, I'm really sorry, but our thumbs go down. It was not enough to get into the Top 13. I wish you all the best for your future!


I can finally recognize Monaco beach again! The hair looks terrible, but everything else is stunning. Well done!
Carrie, I hope you remember this one rule: Never use a hairstyle twice. I would have liked to see red lipstick or some nice accessories.
Cathy, when did she use this hairstyle before? Oh, never mind ...
Carrie, Carrie, I would like you to come out of comfort zone, you always show us the same style. The swimsuit is pretty, the hair looks very very strange. Nonetheless a beautiful result.
Carrie, I'm sure you can do it and improve your graphic skills. Welcome in the Top 13, you are in the next round!


Wow, I can see that you have improved, or at least you tried to give your best. I love love love that you didn't take the risk of making a graphic. I'm glad that you went for a scenery, the results turned out pretty good. It's just sad that one can't really recognize that the blue background should be water. I'm also missing the sand of the beach, but still this is a nice picture.
I agree. You've pretty much said everything, Rafael.
Nice try, but when I go into the water, I don't take shoes or accessories with me, you know what I mean? And I'd never do swimming with a bag.
Well, I see you are trying to give your best. I really hope you can prove your talent in the next round, my dear!


This is my absolute favorite photo!!! The atmosphere, the pose, the bikini, the hair ... everything is PERFECT!! I don't need to say anything more.

I also like it, but in my opinion the red filter is too strong. I also can't really recognize her face. But all in one it's an amazing photo!
Your shoot is very beautiful, but the bikini is a bit too complex, it would probably take me hours to get dressed. Also, the photo is lacking in color, it's a bit too dark, but I can understand that you wanted to give us a sunset feeling. And that's what you definitely managed to do.
Okay, so I can't really understand why this bikini should be difficult to put on. Oh well ...
Tanja, you can be really proud of yourself, you are one of the best and you made it into the next round. Congratulations!


This is also a pretty photo. You still need to practice on your graphic skills, but I can see potential in you!
I think you should stop editing the body of your Medoll and instead start making your own graphics. And your own hair, too!
The bikini is waaay too basic, but the background is veeeery beautiful. I like the pose, too - simple, but elegant.
I think we all want to see more from you. And pssst ... just don't listen to Cathy, I like your style of making graphics and as long as you feel comfortable and you are good at it, keep doing it. This isn't a graphic contest, so please be yourself and keep up the good work. Welcome in the Top 13!

So that was the elimination ceremony. We didn't have a Bottom 2 because it was more or less obvious who would go.
Wow, we now have our Top 13!!


The winner of the week(s) will be announced in the next post. The new task will be posted on Sunday. Stay tuned. And thanks again for your patience. 
xoxo Rafael


Reina said...

Thank you so much!!
Rei =)

Anonymous said...

I knew that I have to go this week. I did this in less than an hour. I'm sorry for wasting your time for judging my task this week. Thanks foryour time and your help and for this experience. I am going to learning better skills :) Congrats to all others :) But I got a question: I was in the top 20 this year,so can I apply for the next cycle next year? Or isn't this allowed? :) Thanks anyways,Leon/MG286.

Anonymous said...

oh god, I thought I was going to be eliminated. That's one less weight off my shoulder. haha

And congrats to the others who made it in the top 13 :)

Manda said...
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Manda said...

Rafael I thought you follow MMM? :D
Carrie used this hair in her entry of the last task, she just placed it on both sides of the head. :)

@Lindsey: Haha, your entry was way to good to be eliminated! ;)

Minh Thi said...

Thank you ! :)
Oh and: I did not know that Ann summers also sells s*x toys! I saw this Bikini on Google. Well.. and i think it doesn't matter if she sells s*x toys. The Bikinis are beautiful.
xoxo Minh Thi.

Carrie.Rose said...

Thank you for your comments, and letting me into the top 13!

Just to explain, I reused the hairstyle as the task post did not appear on my blogger dashboard, I only had about two days to create my entry and concentrated on the background, and swimsuit as this was the most important part of the task. The deadline was not extended until after I posted my task, I hope that explains stuff :)

Oh, and Rafael just to inform you this did not appear on my dashboard either, I just happened to check the blog at the right time, Is this happening to anyone else? :/ xx

Cathérine Cerise said...

@Carrie: same for me, I only saw the post when manda told me that the results were out, nothing appeared on my dashboard :(

Carrie.Rose said...

@Cathérine Cerise Thanks, I wonder why its happening? I thought I was going crazy and kept missing it haha!

Juju_001 said...

Hello , this time i have a big exam and i just see tohight i have to finish the graphic for tomorow , can i have more time for finish it for wednesday ?