Sunday, May 5

3rd Challenge!

Hey everyone! :)

Finally, I'm posting the new task on such a wonderful Sunday evening.
But before that, I want to announce the winner of the week. The two girls who did the best job this time are Sweetpiink1999 and muffins97. And the winner is .... Tanja!

Congratulations, this is your prize:
You will get an exclusive photo for your portfolio taken by Manda!! The graphic will be shown in the next post. :)

Alright, there are two tasks for this week. The first one is a Beauty headshot. Your make-up should be glamorous, shimmering and extravagant. You can use your hands to pose a bit. Make sure that the hair looks simple because the make-up and the face are the main-focus. Take a look at these pictures to get inspired ...

The second task will be an Ice Princess Shooting! You will shoot in an ice cave, wearing a short couture dress. Your look should be elegant, sophisticated and maybe also fairy-like. Just be creative and take these pictures as an inspiration.

Deadline: Monday, May 13th

As always, upload the tasks as always on tinypic or imgur and send us the link in a comment.
If you have any questions or queries, just ask me. Good luck and stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael


Reina said...

Wow, great tasks!!
Sorry to bother you, but is there any way to change the deadline to Wednesday, May 15th?
Xoxo, Rei

Anonymous said...

Finally! I am done... *wipes brow*

So I decided to do two graphics this time. For the ice princess themed graphic, I've added some effects as the original isn't very "icy" per say. Anyhow, here's my entries:

Makeup Photoshoot:

Ice Princess:


Reina said...

Wow, Linsey entries are fabulous!!!

My entry:
Beauty headshot.

Ice Princess Shooting


maexchen_pink said...

at first here is my make up photo:

Juju_001 said...

Hi ! This week i am on exam can you change the day i just see tonight i have to make the graphic . Is possible make for wednesday ?


Aeon_Flux_96 said...

So, here's my entries :')

Beauty Headshot:
Ice Princess Shooting:
Chiao, Aeon

KatyPerrydu56 said...
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KatyPerrydu56 said...

Hey, this the first picture (make up - I hope Cathy will be happy like this.
I can't finished the second for this moment, sorry, I'll try to do it for this week :)

Carrie.Rose said...

Makeup shot:

Ice cave photo shoot:

Anonymous said...

I have been really by with revision at the moment, so I didn't have enough time with the Ice task and I had to take an easy option with the beauty task as I was taking too long to finish it. I hope you understand how hard it is to create the graphics with exams in the way!

maexchen_pink said...

and here is my ice princess shoot:

alex.kolonia999 said...

task 1
task 2

Mangunmeetan said...

Part one:
Part two:

Minh Thi said...

Part 1:
Part 2:

Wow, that was a lot of work!
I hope you like it :)

xoxo Minh Thi ♥

muffins97♥ said...

Here's my 1st part:


KatyPerrydu56 said...
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KatyPerrydu56 said...

Here is my 2° work (it's my first real graph and i hope Cathy will be happy):
Sorry for late xoxo

( My first was )