Monday, May 13

New Deadline!

Hello everyone!
As many people asked me for more time, I decided to change the deadline.
You now have time to do the tasks until Friday, May 17th!

Stay tuned everyone!
xoxo Rafael


Carrie.Rose said...

This is quite unfair to those who gave their entries in on time as they are showing they are committed and organised, Maybe as we are now further in the contest from now on just eliminate who fails to make it on time, as I think a week is plenty of time.

I am suggesting this in the nicest way possible, as almost every task has a new deadline after many contestants have already given there's. I hope you consider this as I think many would agree its a fairer way, Many thanks :) xx

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Carrie: I wouldn't eliminate everyone is not on time as there would be many that would have to leave the competition.
You see, they all have good reasons why they can't hand in their tasks, mostly because of school exams or because they aren't at home.
Real life is more important!
I understand your point of view, though. I know it seems unfair to you and some other people, but please try to understand them.

I mean, I'm not always punctual myself due to real life reasons. It would be something different if they don't hand in their task because they are too lazy to do it but that's not the case.

KatyPerrydu56 said...

Thank uuuuu soooooo much !! <3

Juju_001 said...

Beauty photo shoot :

Ice photoshoot :


KatyPerrydu56 said...

Hey, i'm so sorry i can't give you my 2nd work before this week end because of school :/