Friday, April 19

Some Updates

Hey guys!

So, I've decided to change the deadline for task 2 as some contestants still haven't delivered their tasks. I can actually imagine that after all that time that had passed until the results for Task 1 were posted, they forgot about RNTM. Uh, yeah ... seems like this is all my fault. :/
Anyway, I'm not so keen on eliminating another bunch of people just because of these complications, so the new deadline for the 2nd Challenge is Sunday, April 21st!

Then we have another update on our contestants list ... last week, KatyPerrydu56 had been eliminated due to not submitting her task. But she now told me that she had to work very hard for exams in school and she still sent her entry for task 1 which were quite decent :)
That's why I decided to keep her in!!

And then there's this thing about that certain anonymous person who always thinks I'm unfair and lazy and whatever ...
I don't know, but do I really seem to be unfair?? I think I'm a very understanding person, I always try to give my best and I'm working very hard to make this blog go round: I'm also very fair to the contestants as I give everyone a chance to compete in this contest, even the less experienced persons. Also, there were some people in this contest who were beginners but still made it very far and improved a lot, like claragoosmann19, 4EverUrGirl, maleen122 (who won Cycle 2), and some more ...

You see, it doesn't matter if you're a graphic genius or not. As long as you give your best, try to improve and have fun you have good chances to come far in this competition.

Anyway, back to the anonymous guy/girl/whatever it is ... I turned off the opportunity to choose "Anonymous" in the comments as I'm already annoyed by that rude kid. If you have to say something like this, then at least say it respectful. And if you can't stand it and you simply have to write complete crap, then at least tell us who you are. Thanks!

The elimination ceremony will (hopefully) take place next Tuesday. Stay tuned!
xoxo Rafael ♥


Anika Jeff. said...
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Anika Jeff. said...

so you will FINALLY announce the results on Tuesday??? I don't think so... As we ALL know you have NOT sense of time. By the way, do you know what "TIME" means??????????

Jovana8 said...

@ Anika Jeff:
Something like 'You have not sense of time' to say, does not make you better.You only think about yourself.What if Rafael had at the last task (as I hope not!) An accident, or has died or so, hmm? . Think about it first, if something is so important to do so to people like that. Rafael sits not only against the Pc and only blogging around.

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Anika Jeff: You know, I only was late at the first task because I was sick. But I think you forgot that I was punctual when it came to posting the 2nd task (I posted it the day after the day I posted the results of Task 1, as I promised).
So I honestly don't see what your problem is, so please stop hating.

Anonymous said...

I think you should ignore the anons, honestly they aren't worth the hassle! You are an amazing person, Rafi, and don't let anyone make you doubt yourself!

And as for @Anika Jeff: If you didn't realize, Rafi has other things to worry about other than stardoll. Heck, people forget deadlines, or don't have the time to post when promised. Stop hating on him, he's trying his best.

Finally, for any other anons: Stop bullying Rafi. You're obviously in no condition to hate on him, and that just shows a insecure and pityful character if you have that type indecency. Rafi is one of the most dedicated members on stardoll - for example, last season when the winner announced, at least ten graphics were made for the finale, and do you want to know how long in general it takes to make a graphic? At least 5 hours. Think about it..probably about 50hrs in total he worked towards the finale. And that's just one season. Please go find someone else to bully - i recommend yourself, to be honest.

Manda said...

I so much agree Lindsey!
I couldn't say it better! :)

Rafi, don't let them fkers bring you down. You put your whole heart and time into this competition and you do amazingely.

This all anons are just jealous and idiotic haters.

As lindsey mentioned... just ignore them.
You know your unique baby, 'cause you were born this way!♥

Anika Jeff. said...

blah blah blah blah blah

KatyPerrydu56 said...

Hey, it's Nina (KatyPerrydu56) i have finished my graph (i succeded ;) ) but ,now, i can't send you it , 'cause it's in my computer and i'm on my phone (my mom doesn't wanna let me go on it tonight).. So i'll send you it tomorrow - morning - bye !! (sorry for my problems.. I know it isn't obvious but can't do it otherwise :/)

Jovana8 / Jovana Alexander said...

@ Anika Jeff:
"blah blah blah blah blah" ? how old are you? 5? You're just saying that, 'cause you don't know what to say. Just keep your opinion at yourself, no one asked for it.

Anika Jeff. said...


Rafael/Rafi101 said...

Anika, please stop acting like a diva, nobody is interested in your drama!

Anonymous said...

Hey, but at least anika is coming out, and not behind that anon shield. That's at least a step up.

KatyPerrydu56 said...

Where are the results ?
We can't wait !! :)