Sunday, April 7

Task 1 Results

Hey everyone!

Okay guys, please just do it ... hate me, punch me, kill me. I know that there's no excuse for letting you wait for such a long time. I have an excuse, but I guess you are neither interested in it nor will you forgive me. I just hope that you can forgive me though, or at least try to not hate me :(

I'd like to send everyone of you a gift as an apology. Please tell me in the comments if you want a gift and what you would like!! :)

Anyway, here are the results of the first task.















These are the entries of our beloved contestants. But wait ... lemme count them again. Those aren't 20!?
Well, I just want to let you know that Lizzy1414 can't compete in this cycle. KylieGiselle also decided to leave the competition (but she handed in her task, though). The people who didn't send us their tasks are CL3M3, KatyPerrydu56, ...singstar... and Rosahanah. CookiiiMonstar did send us a link in a comment, but the link somewhat didn't work for none of the judges. 

This means we already have our Top 13, yay! No, just kidding. CookiiiMonstar gets another chance, just send us a link that works. And as so many people left us, I decided that there will be NO elimination, and a contestant will get a replacement. And the person who joins us is ...


You know Tanja, it's actually a shame that you didn't join us earlier because this is AMAZING!!! Definitely one of my favorite entries. Oh, speaking of favorites ...

We have a Top 5 this week (or should I for the last three weeks?) and they also get a comment from the judges. The five girls who conviced us the most are* ... 
*I'm excluding muffins97 - unfortunately - due to her replacement.

Rafael: Wow, Lindsey I'm in love with your evening gown. I love the pose, the hair and the detail in the dress. I can imagine that this took you quite long. The spring outfit is simply but still very nice. Amazing work, Lindsey! ;)
Manda: OMG! I love your Evening Gown, it is such an artwork. The color aquamarine is one of my favorites and the sparkle at the end of the dress looks so glamourus and sophisticated. Your spring outfit is nice, maybe a bit too simple though.
Cathy: Lindsey, i don't need to tell you how amazing your graphic is, do I? You look fierce and elegant and the dress is just amazing. If i can critizise anything, that would be the pearls that are barely visible. Your task is by far the best!

Rafael: I'm very surprised by this, this is one of my favorites. I like the outfit although I don't really see the season spring in this. But the make-up looks great. The gown photoshoot is absolutely stunning, I love the fierce pose and the bold colour of the dress. Well done, honey!
Manda: Your spring outfit and envening gown are lovely. Love the white on white trend and you performance it perfectly, the makeup matches it good. The gown is one of my favorites, the color is astonishing and the pose, makeup, hair and background gives it a great atmosphere.
Catherine: You chose a very classical, elegant look. It's very different from the other entries, more grown-up and definitely something I can imagine seeing in a high fashion magazine. Well done! Only thing I would have changed is the makeup since it doesn't fit to spring that well. I don't know why but I really like your evening gown task! It's really different because of the colour and stands out of the crowd. And the background is cool aswell although it's from stardoll.

Rafael: I think the spring outfit(s) as well as the make-up are okay. But girl, I love the photoshoot! You look very sophisticated, I love the pattern of the dress and the hair. I only wish you took a different background as this one doesn't really fit the theme.
Manda: As I don't like the hair that much, I love the outfit very much! The Evening gown is so perfect, love the cut and idea. Colors are nice too, very elegant. Maybe an other background would have been nicer.
Catherine: You look very elegant! Your evening gown is very well done as is your hairstyle. I really hate the background, it makes the whole graphic look less elegant and strange. But your outfit and pose are very good.

Rafael: Your outfit is so cute, I totally feel spring. It's so heart-warming when I see it. And I also love the evening gown photoshoot, you very elegant and your graphic is a decent entry for the first task! :)
Manda: Your outfit and the dress are so cute! Your outfit is just a bit simple and I wouldn't look at it a second time, if you would cross the street. The dress is also one of my favorites, simple but the cut is amazing, and a beautiful color.
Catherine: Very well done! You're ready for the red carpet. Next time, please draw your own hair and add something more eyecatching. But the graphic has a good quality, so very well done!

Rafael: I love love love the outfit, although I'm a little bit on the fence. As much as I love it, I'm a bit worried that's it's more wintery than spring-ish, you know? The dress is okay, it's not my favorite, but I like how you present it. I think the graphic is also okay, you still need some improvement but I definitely see potential in you!!
Manda: The reason, why you are one of my favorites is because I adore your outfit so much. The colors are so wonderful and it reminds me so much of summer, beach, oceans and mermaids, haha. :D Your dress is okay, maybe a bit boring and it looks a bit ragged.
Catherine: Wonderful outfit with a nice theme! You put many different aspects of spring fashion into your outfit. The makeup is too light, I would have chosen another lipstick and other eyebrows. Well done nonetheless! Your outfit, hairstyle and makeup fit very well, they're perfect for the red carpet. But you have to work on your graphic abilities! Well done nonetheless!

All the others, I'm sorry you didn't get any feed-back. There were some good ones within all the other entries.
Our Bottom 4 are maexchen_pink, eugenia.g.s, alex.kolonia999 and Coolgirl185. Sorry girls but you were quite weak this time. Don't worry, just try harder and practice your graphic skills. And remember, if you are better at making sceneries, then just go for it. Also Jovana8, you weren't the worst, but your evening gown photoshoot was very blurry. Don't let the quality of your pictures lack!

The next task will be posted tomorrow, I PROMISE!!!
xoxoxo Rafael


Reina said...

OMG! Thank you so much for your comments. Wow, been between the top 5 is an honor.
Enjoy your week.

Anonymous said...

will all these girls from bottom leave?

Anonymous said...

FINALLY the results! THANKS GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@1st anonymous: No, none of the Bottom 4 got eliminated.

Aeon_Flux_96 said...

OH MY! Im on the top 5! Im so happy! it's really a huge honor! :'D

KatyPerrydu56 said...

I had sent you my pictures in "First Challenge" , Sooo Sorry for late !!