Thursday, March 24

5th Challenge + New Media Partner + SFW

I know, today is NOT Saturday, but I was very busy (in a way..). Sorry, but this is private, so.. *-*
Here's the next Challenge for our 10 contestants:

We'll have  photoshoot... well, actually it will be a scenery, but let's call it "photoshoot". So, it's not a normal shoot, there's a theme for it... LEOPARDS!!   °-°
You need to create a jungle backround, and all you have to wear is a leo-printed outfit. Doesn't matter what. It can be a dress, a top with leggins or a bikini (I think there's a leopard-printed bikini at RIO).
Save it and send us either the link to the scenery or where we can find it (please tell us the name of your scenery) in a comment!

Deadline: March 31, 2011

Also, I wanna present ya our new Media Partner: Stardoll Roses!!
Wonderful, what? I'm very honored to be a media partner with such an amazing fashion line. Thanks to evermore1girl for accepting the partnership.

And I got some more exciting news: THE STARDOLL FASHION WEEK HAS BEGUN THIS TUESDAY!!!! AHHH It's so amazing, you really have to attend. Until Sunday, SFW is showing the collections of new designers and well-known designers. Here's the Fashion Week Plan:

(click to enlarge)
Click HERE to visit the Fashion Week. If you wanna be a real Topmodel it is a MUST to go there, or you will never reach the top. Get inspired, and enjoy ;D
Stay tuned, your Rafi101


maleen122 said...

You find it under "Miss Leopard" at my sceneries
Greetings maleen122,
good luck to all the other contestants <3

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

Hey Rafi,
My scenery is on my page in the sceneries tab. The dressed moved in my scenery :( But other than that I hope you like it ^.^

angeee said...

Leopardgirl in Luxusdschungel

das shirt ist verrushct -.-

angix33 ;)

Nessy :x said...
Sorry Rafi,hatte kein Geld um Sachen für 'nen Dschungel-Hintergrund zu kaufen :(

Shayma said...

I made a scenery but heres a tinypic anyway (:
Everyone looks so pretty and I look so stupid ):

Vivien.. said...

My one names "Jungle ;)"
I am sorry but the clothes i bought for the Leopard-Look i can´t use :S
I made a one from myself ;)
I hope it´s good and luck for all other contestants..;)

Anonymous said...

my scener called "jungle girl"
is the first scenery at my scenery page!

BestDamnFreak said...

Hey this is my LEAOPARD scenery: