Sunday, March 6

3rd Elimination + Special Announcement

Hello models and viewers and welcome to our third elimination of RNTM. We had a look at all of your beautiful sceneries. Miley4live96 cut them all together, if you want to see them click on this link:
We are really sorry but we had to decide for 2 girls who need to leave RNTM. The 2 girls are...

claragoosmann19 and DivaMiley1992
I am really sorry but the others were a little bit better. It was great having you here. Me and the other judges wish you all the best.

So, let's welcome our Top 12:
angix33, Petzgirl98, Lider090, Avniarisha, Vessts, maleen122, BestDamnFreak, sweety-Melissa4, BellaMarySwan, N.E.S.S.Y.X.D., Candyfloss_girl and Vivien..

Congratulations, you did an excellent job! As I told you the Top 12 will be something very important, because now I will make a picture of all our girls together and put it on the top of the Blog. There you will see who is in the contest because whenever a girl gets eliminated, she will be gone from the pic.
Also, from now we will only eliminate 1 girl.

And now a special Announcement!

I know, the final of this Cycle is still far away, but now you have got the chance to get a Wild Card for Cycle 3!! This means everyone who was not in the Top 16 can apply for a Wild Card. Just click on the button "Get a Wild Card" in the register (under the Header) and sign up by leaving a comment.
Just go there and read more information.
Tell everyone to sign up NOW.

Stay tuned, because I will post the next Challenge tomorrow. ;)
See ya, Rafael


Avniarisha/Jewel said...

:D Thanks Rafi! :) x

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

You're welcome ;D