Tuesday, March 8

4th Challenge: Star-Look-a-Like

Welcome to the 4th Challenge. Sorry that I'm late (as always) but I just could post it now.
So, the Top 12... it is going to be more difficult and more exciting.
So, think of your favorite female star. Then think of her styling and her Make-Up. Got it? So here's the Challenge:

Make a Star-Look-a-Like of your fave star, this means: dress up like her and upload it on tinypic.com (or on any other blog) and send us the link in a comment. Also, write by which star you were inspired.

Deadline: Monday, March 14

Please don't be late. ;-)
Stay tuned, your Rafi101

Oh I forgot something.... About the Wild Card: 
It makes NO sense if you sign up for a wild card if you are already in the contest!!
 *looks at angix33 and Petzgirl98*
Please don't forget that everyone can order a Wild Card if they were not under the Top 14! 


Melissa|sweety-Melissa4 said...

Here is my entry:


my inspiration was Audrey Hepburn!

Lider090 said...

My Outfit is inspired by Katy Perry.


xoxo Ash and good Luck :9

Avniarisha/Jewel said...

avniarisha presents....

BestDamnFreak said...

I was inspired by Avril Lavigne.. So here is my entry:

angeee said...



maleen122 said...

LG maleen122
Good luck to all other contestants =)

Vivien.. said...

thats mine (:
i noticed now that it is in german :S
Should i change it again?
If u like i would do it or is it okei?
please write to me...


AmieEve/Vessts said...


user: Vessts
inspiration person:Courtney Love Hole

Shayma said...

My inspiration: i54.tinypic.com/1zfkmcz.jpg
My make-up: i51.tinypic.com/2gsj0ig.png
my outfit: i55.tinypic.com/264kvie.jpg
Sorry i could not do my best and make a good one, but my laptop has been broke and i had to rush this at my friends house :S Hope you understand :/

Lila || Petzgirl98 :D said...


My entry. Good luck all (:

Paula said...

HI, this is my entry inspired by Kim Kardashian


Paula said...

ohhhh sorry, i didn´t know it was a challenge from your club.
Sorry for my entry... :)

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

@Paula: I didn't count it anyway because I know my contestants so I just ignored your entry. Thanks for visiting my blog, anyway. ;)