Tuesday, September 4

Task 1 Results

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first elimination ceremony of Cycle 5. Sorry for one day of delay but I had no time to post sooner.
Anyway, the first task was in fact very simple. The reason why we just wanted you to create an outfit is because we wanted to get more familiar with your style and your self-expression. We really received some strong entries. I think this cycle will be tough for us judges because we've really got a set of beautiful and talented dollies.
By the way, as you might know I've never really showed the contestant's entries in elimination ceremonies until the semi-finals. But from now on I will post the entries and photos in every elimination ceremony!! Whoop :D
For this task I'm judging all alone, but the other judges will join at the next task. So let's have a look at the results, shall we?










the image






Wow, our contestants really know how to dress and how to present their style! Everybody did a great job.
So basically I said that you should do the outfit in the starplaza which some of you didn't do, but never mind. *cough* Jody and Cayla *cough*
For the callbacks I'm usually not giving feed-back, but this time I felt like I need to give some..

mullinsisme - Wow, this outfit somehow electrifies me, haha. It gives you a feeling of the 80's because of the jacket, but it also looks very modern because of the other pieces. I really love this mix of 80's and modern style. The make-up really matches the outfit and I love the colors and shades you've used. Next time I'd suggest that you should use less blush and keep the lips simple though because otherwise it is a bit overwhelming.
PrettiestWoman - You said that you like mixing different colors together, and I really can see that in your make-up. The outfit seems like a big colorfull painting, haha! The only thing that I don't like are the shoes, they look odd and I don't think that they really match the overall look.

Aurelieke92 - This is soo completely you! I've been visiting you from time to time and I really can say that I recognize your style. I especially love how your focused on the trousers by keeping the rest of the outfit quite simple. I really like your text. I know you are a strong writer and you proved that once again. The make-up is definitely representing you and matches the outfit, but I feel like you could have used different colors like blue instead of earth colors. For the next make-up task I'd really like you to step out of your comfort zone and try new tones and shades. Well done Manny!

ask510 - I really like the simplicity of your outfit and I love maxi skirt. I see the make-up is also kept simple as the outfit. Red lips and smokey eyes - classic!! Well done ;)

claragoosmann19 - Welcome back, Clara! I remember that you were in the Top 20 of Cycle 2, but you didn't make it through the callbacks. So, that's your second chance and you really rocked the stage! Your outfit is sooo classy, modern and sophisticated. I absolutely adore your style. Me gusta!

Inessa... - This is definitely your style. I agree with you (or what you wrote in the text), you're not a color-explosion. But you don't have to be a color-explosion to stand out of the crowd. Your outfit is definitely trendy and everything flows very well. I somehow don't like your make-up, I think it's too dark and a little slutty (sorry for that word, but it's the ugly truth). Next time you should play and experiment with more colors and shades. Nevertheless, good job!

Daddysgurrl - When I saw your task entry I thought that you're a Californian high school girl, haha. I like your outfit, it's comfortable and sporty but still elegant. The make-up reminds me a little bit of a barbie. It's pretty and it matches the outfit, but next time I'd like you to use different colors and less pink. Well done Cat! :)

Depi2 - Wow, I love it. It's simple but still something special and very edgy. I think this outfit really fits your look, it's casual and edgy. The make-up matches the outfit because it's also edgy even though it's not much. Great job!

Ghandoora - "I'm a barbie girl ..." Haha, that's a very pink outfit. I like it, I think it represents your style and your personality. This is something that you can wear on the streets on a warm summer day or on the beach. But next time I'd like to see less pink, tough ;)

MadaMichalka - Oh yesss, this is street fashion. I looove the make-up and how you played with different shades. I also like your little paragraph, I think it explains your style very well. What I really like about your outfit is the mix of casual/cool (top, bag, shorts), edgy (shoes) and girly (flower headpiece). Manda, you've done a great job!

Sary.Babyfayce - Wow, that outfit is very edgy and fashionable. I can actually see this in a fashion magazine like VOGUE. This is really high fashion! For the make-up I'd like you to use more colors though because it's a big plain. All in one I only can say "well done". :)

Jody_Cailin - To be honest I'm a bit disappointed because I don't feel like this is your personal style that you wear on the streets. I like the outfit itself tough, reminds me a bit of Lady Gaga. What I really LOVE is your make-up. It's flawless!! So you've created an amazing outfit, but next time please try more to follow the given instructions.

ExtravaganceSD - Wow, I love it. It looks comfortable, fashionable, elegant and also a little bit extravagant. Everything is matching and yeah.. there's not much to say about it, it's simply perfect! ;) 

Flowerpin - What can I say? This outfit is very girly, haha! No, I actually really like it, especially the ombre of the trousers & bow. I love the make-up, it's very playful, detailed and sparkly. I also like your text, you explained everything very well. So yeah, well done!

Danika_19 - OMG! Is it a hollywood Diva?! No, it's Kylie! Wow, I really love that kinda vintage/old hollywood look. This outfit would be perfect for a day on the beach and the hat completes the look. I especially love how you made dramatic smokey eyes and red lips. Aaah, awesome job Kylie!!  

Uff, finally done. This actually took me an hour to find appropriate words for everybody. Oh wait a minute, have you noticed something? Hmm, that is strange, I thought 20 girls have been chosen to compete in Cycle 5. Let's check this by counting the entries. 1, 2, 3, ... 15?! Oh, looks like there were some lazy people who forgot about the task.
5 people didn't send in the task which means that Bracken1234, Hartbreaker, Lizzy1414, MissyAshlyn and soso-asooly are eliminated! This also means that no one else will be eliminated.

Congratulations to our remaining 15 girls! Soon we'll be reaching the Top 13, so give your best. The next task will be posted tomorrow. Stay tuned ;)

Sadly, Manny (Aurelieke92) decided to leave Stardoll and can no longer compete in this contest. I noticed that when I saw her comment on my last post. A goodbye-post can be seen on MDM.
Manny, we wish you all the best for your future, you will be missed!!!
This means there are only 14 contestants left, therefore we will decide for the TOP 13 at the next challenge!

xoxo Rafael


Carrie.Rose said...

Its really upsetting to see that 5 people didn't give in their entries, as many others including me who applied would of loved to be in the contest and not take it for granted. All the entries were stunning, i will read all the future tasks as i love this blog :)

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

@Carrie: Yes, I agree with you! It's very upsetting as I could have given this chance to other people such as you.
Oh and thank you, I really appreciate it that you like my blog! :)
As I told you, you can re-apply for Cycle 6 ;)

Cathérine Cerise said...

Exciting to see everything from the other side now, not competing myself ;) Good luck to all of you, girls!

xoxo cathérine

Ghandoora said...

Thank you guys ;D

Jody_Cailin said...

Thank you for your comment :D I am still lucky to be in. I will try to follow the instructions next time. (But this time i havn't seen it and it just made more sense to me, because my style is in my closet. Anyways it made me a little bit speechless, that you think my MakeUp is flawless, since i think doing makeup on the mdeoll is one of the annoying and difficult things (for me) on stardoll.

i am excited for the next task. :)

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

I've just noticed that the MDM link directs you to my Haute Couture graphic on " The Graphic Vault".
I will fix that.