Tuesday, September 18

New Deadline!

Hey guys!
Sorry for not posting but my internet has been broken since last weekend, I'm glad that it is fixed now. Anyway, I saw that 4 contestants are still missing!!! I'm a little upset that not everybody has done the task yet and this is the last time that I'm giving you a new deadline. So for everyone who hasn't done the task yet, this is your last chance!

Friday, September 21

Don't forget what you are fighting for. The Top 13 are very important because even if you won't get into the Finale you will at least be part of the Top 13 walk at the Finale which will be live this time. (I will explain everything in another post after the elimination ceremony)
Please give your best and be punctual!

xoxo Rafael

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Inessa♥ said...

Ahh... Sorry Sorry Sorry Rafi for beeing bussy and lazy. But now i had found some time for doing this entry.Next times i'll do the tasks as fast ( Far ) as i can.

So here is my entry:


Inessa :)