Saturday, June 4

Enter Cycle 3 now!

Cycle 3 is starting today! *hooray*
This means you are able to apply now! Just click on the tab "Apply for Cycle 3" and fill out the application.
You have time to sign up until July 9, 2011!
                      Web TV Spot                       

On 12th of July, 20 girls will be chosen who will be contestants at the big casting. There we will choose our Top 13 who will fight for the title.
There will be also some awesome prices like stardollars (or coins for non-SS), a job at Spice Couture, a contract with Sugar Modeling Agency and and and...
Please tell your friends about that great opportunity and help me get 50 followers ;)

I'm also very pleased to tell you about a new Media Partner: Jewel's Youtube Channel!
Yepp, that's right, avniarisha has her own youtube channel with stardoll tutorials. She tells you how to do professional poses, how to do awesome scenery backrounds and much more useful things. You can use this knowledge for the actual cycle! *-*

I will come up with news soon, just keep applying until the deadline! I wish you good luck. See ya.
xoxo Rafi101

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