Thursday, June 2

The Big Finale (Review)

It was quite a lot of work until we found our winner, huh?
First of all, I wanna thank you all for participating. Without you all, I would never have done it. Again, big congrats to our winner maleen122!

Maleen is RNTM

So, what happened in the last week of RNTM? 
Well, the contestants had to do 3 tasks. A photoshoot, a scenery at Topmodels.Club and a catwalk graphic.
They all truly did an amazing job, but Maleen was a little better than the others.

Jewel (avniarisha) had to leave us first because we didn't see her energy any more. She was amazing, but I didn't receive her catwalk task, that's why we couldn't judge her to 100%. Also, the others became better than her although she always was one of the best in the whole cycle.

Shayma (Candyfloss_girl) became the 2nd place. Not many of you understand it because most of the viewers voted her. But it is this special something, this feeling when we know when someone really deserved it more than somebody else. Shayma was a great model, without doubt. But sometimes, she messed up the challenges. Also at the finale... it wasn't her best work. I cannot say why I felt sooo sorry, maybe it's because she made this transformation from a girly model to an elegant topmodel.

So why did Maleen (maleen122) win?
Maleen made the biggest transformation of all. At first, she was shy, unnoticed and average. But then she got better and more creative. In the middle of the cycle she got stuck. At that silly Sahara task...
I thought she already reached her limits, but miley4live96 believed in her talent, and so we gave her a new chance. This was the best decission in the whole history of RNTM. Maleen shot to the top like a rocket.
She got professional, elegant and changeable. Her talent really stands out of the crowd.
Also, there was something special that we saw in her which makes her to a real topmodel. That's why all judges finally decided for Maleen, the exotic beauty.

Best Of...
It was an amazing Cycle. We had 3 wonderful finalists. Here's the 'Best Of' of your 3 amazing girls.

Best of Avniarisha

Best of Candyfloss_girl

Best of Maleen122

I am really happy with the decission and with this cycle. And to be honest, although it was exhausting to do this long search (16 weeks!!) it was super cool to host 'RNTM'.
I also wanna thank my wonderful judges:
miley1jasi and miley4live96. And I also would never forget my wonderful Topmodel MissKosovo_97, who was the 4th judge in the first weeks. A hudge thank you to Jasmin, Marie and Caroline, you were really great and you helped me to find my topmodel, especially Jasmin and Marie.
From February to now - it was a successful cycle.

And I hope you will also attend Cycle 3! I will put up the applications on this Saturday (there's also a Web TV Spot coming...), so please stay tuned!
xoxo Rafi101

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