Wednesday, July 10

Keep patient, please!

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the delay of the elimination ceremony, but neither Cathy not Manda have replied yet. I am also very busy with work (yes, I've got a summer job, whoop!) as well as with getting my haute couture collection for Spice Couture done.
So please stay tuned, I will post it this week as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience!

xoxo Rafael


Flora P. said...

I think you should organise your time better Rafael:P

Rafael/Rafi101 said...

This time it's actually not my fault, Flora. Only Manda has replied yet, Cathy STILL didn't judge the entries. But I will post the results tonight either with or without her comments. :/

Flora P. said...

Yes, you are right and sorry for me. I think you are right, the judges must be on their time:/ Anyway good luck to all girls:D